Nova Website

Update Existing Resources

Navigate to the Resources Section of the website

Choose the resource you want to update

Log into the admin section of the website

Find the resource you want to update under the "Resources" menu

Make necessary changes (visibility, categories, etc..)

Edit Resource CTA

Log into Hubspot & create your CTA

Copy the embed code from your CTA

Navigate back to your resource in the website admin

Copy CTA code into Embed code area on resource

Save Resource

Update PDF on Lading Page

Under the main menu, go to Content - File Manager and select the Docs folder

Upload your new content

Once you've uploaded your new content, click the gears icon to the right of your file name and select the "Get File URL" link

Copy the file URL. 

Choose the content you want to update

If you're logged into Hubspot, use the Hubspot widget and select "View Form Redirect Page" to easily find the thank you page.

Using the Hubspot widget, edit the thank you page. Update the download link with the URL of the file you just uploaded to the Docs folder.

Once finished, Update your thank you page. 

Create Email, Landing Page, Thank You Email

Create CTAs

Create the CTAs you'll use in your emails and on your landing pages. 

Create email

Create the email using a pre-designed template within Hubspot. Look for the "Nova-Standard-2016.html" email template. 

Note: This email template is coded in HTML, which means additional changes may require editing the template code and related stylesheets. 

Edit your email using content modules

The content modules on the email allow you to edit different sections without touching the HTML code. They control such things as the header title, image, main email body, footer phone number and more. 

Ensure email image width is 600px wide

The main image in the email template should be 600px wide. This will ensure it renders properly in your user's inbox. The height of the image is not dependent on the width and the area will adjust automatically to the height. 

Create Thank You Email

Once you've built your initial email, you'll also want to create a follow up email to send to users who convert on your landing page.

Please note: Follow-up emails can only be created via form options on a landing page. If you've created an email from the Email tool, it will not be available from the dropdown for follow-up emails.  

You may, however, clone or edit a previously created follow-up email by going to Content > Email >Locate an existing simple follow-up email (Simple follow-up will appear beneath the email title) >gear icon > Clone. Once the cloned simple follow-up email is edited and published, it will be available in the form options on the landing page.

Create Contact Form

Create a new form by navigating to Contacts > Forms in the main Hubspot menu. 

You can either create a new form from scratch, or clone an existing form. 

  1. Give the form a name
  2. Update the text you want to appear on the form's submission button
  3. Drag and drop the fields of information you want to include in your form
    • Ensure the CASL consent fields are included in the form. This will ensure contacts who submit the form can be marketed to in the future. 
  4. Add the email addresses of people you want to receive notifications when someone fills out the form
  5. Preview & test your form

Create Landing Page

Create a landing page where the contact can learn more about your product offering and download related content.  

The landing page should contain:

  1. Clear messaging as to why the contact should download the piece of content
  2. Download form with CTA

Note: This template is a module Hubspot template. Any content sections left blank will not be displayed to contacts.  

Configure Thank You Page 

When you configure the download form on the landing page via a content module, you can define the Thank You page contacts will be redirected to. Select the Redirect to Another Page option under the What should a visitor see after submitting your form and choose a Hubspot thank you page. 

Configure Thank You Email

Once you've selected your thank you page, you'll also want to send contacts a Thank You email. In the form options, navigate to the Post Submit Actions section and select the Send Follow Up Email checkbox. Choose your your thank you email and save. 

Create Thank You Page

Create a thank you page you want to send contacts to after they've filled out the form on your main landing page. 

This thank you page should contain:

  1. Thank you message with clear expectations on next steps
  2. Link to download related content (if applicable)
  3. Secondary CTAs to encourage contacts to engage with additional content on the site