Pet Health Training for Retail Professionals

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This eLearning module is brought to you by FRONTLINE® Spot On and Veloxa. 

Merial Animal Health have created a series of short educational videos to offer a different way of learning which feature throughout this module.  

The videos are fronted by Ruth Langsford, presenter of This Morning and Loose Women, and proud owner of a rescue dog called Maggie.

These videos contain key information and messages and are an integral part of this module.

If you are a SQP working in the pet health market this module has been accredited by AMTRA and in completing the module and the quiz at the end you can receive xxxx points.

On completion of this module and quiz all participants will have the chance to win one of 20 x £50 shopping vouchers. 

Learning outcomes

As a result of completing this training you will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the Pet Health Customer Conversation

  • Understand fleas:

    - Flea lifecycle

    - The importance of prevention

    - How to resolve a flea infestation

  • Have an overview of ticks

  • Understand FRONTLINE Spot On application and how it works and FRONTLINE HomeGard treatment 

  • Confidently address customers' flea and tick problems

  • Understand worms and Veloxa treatment

To maximise learning we ask that you view the interactive areas and watch the videos in full.

This module and quiz will take you approximately 40 minutes to complete.


Introducing Pet Health

Key facts - did you know?

1: Pet Food Manufacturers Association 2014. 2: Merial U&A report Sep 2014 IPSOS. 3: Bond et al. Survey of flea infestation in cats and dogs in the UK during 2005. Veterinary Record 2007; 160: 503-506

The Pet Health conversation

Some example questions to start the conversation could be:

Confident recommendations


Most pet owners are happy to invest in their pet’s health and with good customer service will return on a regular basis. Being a pet expert advisor means being able to make the right recommendations and that means asking the best questions. 


Introducing fleas, ticks and worms

Ectoparasites, such as fleas and ticks, live on the animal whilst endoparasites, such as roundworms and tapeworms, live inside the animal.

Many pet parasites can also affect people, sometimes causing disease. So, by keeping pets healthy, we help to protect human health too.

Preventing parasite infestation is far easier than treating disease, in either pets or people, which is why regular treatment of pets for fleas, ticks and worms throughout the year is so important.

This eLearning will look at fleas, ticks and worms in turn, including prevention and treatment.

Video learning - application

Application of FRONTLINE Spot On. These videos provide further information on selecting the correct FRONTLINE Spot On pack size, checking the pet before application and application tips.


The truth about ticks


The worry with worms




Which of the following is the most common way for pets to pick up fleas?

  • Fleas jumping from one pet to another
  • From contaminated environments
  • By going swimming

How often should a dog or cat be treated with FRONTLINEĀ® Spot On for continuous flea and tick protection?

  • Every 2 months
  • Every 3 months
  • Monthly

It can take 3 months or more to get rid of a flea infestation. Which of the following offers good advice to help consumers resolve the issue?

  • Treat all cats and dogs in the household monthly and allow them access to all areas
  • Wash your petsā€™ bedding at 60 degrees C, regularly vacuum carpets and furnishings and spray all areas your pets go with an environmental spray that contains an IGR.
  • All the above

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