Welcome to the iWall Certification class. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create iWalls to help you with your fund raising. 

Understand the basic building blocks for your fund raising campaign

Cause and iWall


A Cause is a theme for your fund raising campaign. A good example could be "Girl Education" or "Lake Conservation". If you are looking at building a new library, it could even be "College Library".


An iWall is a specific example of the event for which you want to raise funds. An iWall is always connected to an underlying cause If you consider "Girl Education" as the cause, it could be the specific individual for whom you want to raise funds. Similarly for "College Library", an iWall could be "Laying the foundation". You raise money for the iWall and thus iWalls should have a concrete reason for raising funds 

Causes and iWalls

What is the relation between a Cause and an iWall

  • An iWall is always related to a cause. Thus you cannot create an iWall without a Cause
  • You can have only one active iWall for a Cause.
  • A cause can exist without an iWall. However at some point, a Cause is expected to have 1 or more iWalls with only one being active at any given time.

How many active iWall's can a Cause have?

  • 0 or 1
  • 1 or more
  • There are no restriction's

Creating a Cause

Steps for creating a Cause

To create a cause

1. Login to the college community as an administrator

2. Click on the "Administrator" logo on the top right corner to open the administration console

3. Click on the "Cause" hyperlink in the left navigation bar



Create Cause Screen

Creating Causes

To create a cause, enter the details as shown in the figure to the left

Note: Causes once created can be selected from the "Select Cause" section of the screen

Create an iWall

Selecting the Cause

From a Previously Selected Cause

If you have already created a cause, you can select the cause and click on "Save Cause and Create an iWall" to create a new iWall to an existing Cause

Note: If the Cause has an already existing active iWall, you cannot create a new iWall. 

Creating a new Cause and an iWall

If the iWall you are creating needs to be linked to a new iWall, then you can first create a new cause and click on "Save Cause and Create an iWall"

Creating a new iWall

While creating an iWall, the following are the 3 main areas of focus

  • iWall name -> This is the name you give to the specific raise you are doing for your iWall. In the case of "Girl Education" as a cause, it could be the name of the person for him you are raising money ("Raise for Rekha"), or in the case of a infrastructure project it could be the name of the milestone for which you are raising the funds ("Raise for Foundation for the Library")
  • Donation Amount -> An iWall is made of individual bricks each of a fixed cost. Thus, the brick grid and the  individual cost of a brick determines the raise amount. As an example, a 5 * 6 grid  with a 1000 Rs per brick cost would give you a wall of 5 rows and 6 columns of bricks with a total donation amount of Rs 30,000,
  • Image for the iWall -> To create an you need to upload an image that depicts the cause that you are raising the funds for. The ideal size is 800 * 800 pixels. When uploading, the image would be cropped to the ratio of the rows and columns in bricks to fit the iWall. 


Uploading and cropping image for the iWall

Choose File

Upload the file that you have selected to represent your iWall by clicking on the "Choose File" button

Crop and Upload

Once uploaded, adjust the highlighted rectangle box to resize and position the image appropriately

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's

You are close to completing the iWall. Before you shout "Hurray", lets make sure everything this perfect.

Preview your iWall

The Preview button allows you to see how your iWall will look when it goes live. Review the iWall to make sure everything is in order. You can always click on the "Edit" button to make any changes to the iWall

Note: Once an iWall goes live, you cannot edit the brick count, value of the bricks or the image uploaded against the iWall.

Finalize your iWall

Once you are happy with your iWall, click on Finalize. Congrats!!! Your iWall is now live. 

Question time

You want to raise a donation of 25000 and are looking for 25 donors. How would you specify the columns(X) and rows (Y) of the bricks

  • 5 * 5
  • 6 * 4
  • 10 * 2
  • 2 * 5

Why is Resizing and Cropping an Image Important when I create an iWall?

  • Resizing and cropping ensure's that the right area of the image is shown as iWall background
  • It is not important to resize or crop my image
  • It has been added because other social media has it. I don't know its use

What are the 3 key things I need to look for when I preview the iWall (Select 3 options)?

  • The iWall Name
  • The iWall description
  • % Amount donated for the iWall
  • Total Donations received for the iWall
  • The size and resolution of the background image when iWall is completed


All the Best!!!

iWall Magic Trick

An iWall is as good as the promotion it gets. Remember to do the following to promote your iWall

  • Send circular emails once iWall is created so that user's knows about the cause
  • When iWalls show up on the community feeds when user's donate, remember to "Share" it for the world to know
  • Use reports and email notifications to stay abreast on the status of the iWalls.