The power of planning

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Who should be included in the planning of the project.


The analyzing part of training will be characterized by the breaking down of the study material comparing it and assessing its impact on the learners. The first step before we get to the analyzing will be to clearly define the project, make sure that the learners conceive its objectives and deadlines. Secondly, should be the preparation of the plan and schedules, followed by briefing the stake holders and the teams. The plan will then be implemented, monitored and all process will take place including the necessary support. Evaluation comes at the close of the project, to see if there are desired results and if the objectives set have been achieved. The relevance of the leaning material will be assessed and criticized, its impact, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. Evaluation is also important to assess the worth of the project being planned. It helps to evaluate the merit of the project and to check if there are any improvements that can be made. Project analyzing is a systematic process that must include investigations of the project’s worth. Since project planning involves stakeholders, they should be involved in the processes of discussion things such as the viability of the project, analyzing information, understanding the project and project related decisions. Stakeholders should also be involved in the designing and planning of the project. Learners should also analyze the value of the project, the impact or difference it has made on their performance the value it has added on their current skills and its worth. Lastly evaluation enables the training participants the opportunity to reflect on their skills before training and after training. Evaluation is there to add new information to the existing one upon its successful project management training. To adjust and review the training itself and the material and the for the sake of future trainings and future projects.

  • All stake holders
  • Learners
  • Only the project manager
  • the supervisor