ASW Introduction (Beginner)

What is ASW?

Signing into the sales system

AS400 (Commonly known as ASW) is a IBM program that looks very similar to DOS systems. You'll use this for every call, so let's get right into it!

First, you'll need your manager-provided Username and Password. For this exercise, we'll use (Test) and (Test).

Once you've signed in, you'll be given a menu with a series of options.

For sales, you’ll really only need to use two of these options often. Let’s check them out!

To select one of the options, type the corresponding number and press ENTER.
To start, let’s open the sales system with Option 1 + ENTER.

This is what you should see. This is the central screen for the sales system, and the screen you’ll return to before placing any new orders/returns.

You will be given a 3-digit Handler Code that you will use to keep track of your orders. 

For this module, we’ll use *** as the training handler code.


Lots and lots of buttons!

AS400 gives us a multitude of options, and lots of information about parts, model numbers, and orders. It can seem overwhelming at first, but once you've used it for awhile, it's like second nature - muscle memory!!

For this beginner course, we're only going to show you around what the two main options do. The intermediate and advanced courses will give you more information about how AS400 works and how to place/search for customer orders.

To open these options, we'll be using Shift+F3 (Price and Availability) and Shift+F11 (Quick Reference). Let's get to it!


Quick! I need a part! (F11)


Quick Reference

  • CFEF210AS1 - Bake Element
  • QBXR353ET3WW - Belt
  • RAB1121EW1 - Clutch
  • AAC24000 - Timer
  • BAAT42000 - Relay
  • C-100 - Control Panel
    61006123 CLEAR W10619951 BLACK
  • Model number for GALAXY ACE
  • Model number for GALAXY ACE 2