Elements of a short story

Identify what a short story is and recognize its main elements

Short Story Introduction

What is a short story?


A short story  tells about a single event or experience. It  could be fictional (not true).It could contain 500 to 15,000 words in length. It has a beginning, middle, and end. It  creates an impression on the reader.

Fill in the blanks with the correct information

1. A short story contains a beginning,, and end.

2.  A story that is not true, it is called 

3.  The story could contain more than  words.

4.   A short story gives an on the reader                     

Main Elements

There are eight elements in a short story. They are setting, characterization, plot, conflict, climax,resolution, theme, and point of view.

Choose the picture 1

Which picture represents the resolution element of a short story?

Choose the picture 2

Which picture represents the setting of a short story?

Short Story Elements Description

Setting and Characterization


Tells the reader where and when the story takes place.


Creation of imaginary people who appear to be real to the reader.  The writer gives information about the characters in the story

Plot and Conflict


A series of events through which the writer reveals what is happening, to whom, and why.


It's a problem in the story that needs to be solved.

Choose the correct answer 1

  • the place
  • the imaginary people
  • the problem
Characterization stands for...

Choose the correct answer 2

  • the highest point of a story
  • the problem of a story
  • the conclusion of a story
The climax of a story refers to...

Climax and Resolution


When an action comes to highest point of conflict.


The story’s action after the climax until the end of the story. The “conclusion” of the story.

Theme and Point of View


The story’s main ideas.  The “message” the writer intends to communicate by telling the story.

Point of View

The position of the narrator of the story and what the writer sees from that vantage point.

Identify if the statements are True or False

  • The resolution of story shows what happen at the beginning of a story.
  • The conclusion of the story is found in the climax.
  • The position that the narrator is called the point of view.
  • The theme is the problem that needs to be solved.

Match the word to its definition

  • Setting
    The place
  • Characterization
    Imaginary people
  • Plot
    Series of events
  • Conflict
    The problem that takes place in the story
  • Climax
    Highest part that a story can reach
  • Point of view
    The main opinion of the writer
  • Theme
    The message that wants to be transmitted
  • Resolution
    The conclusion of the story


To Remember


A short story is identified by those eight elements mentioned above: setting, characterization, plot, conflict, climax, resolution, theme and point of view. The plot usually revolves around a problem or conflict that is presented at the beginning of the story and resolved at the end. The ability to identify the elements of a story aids in comprehension, leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of stories, and helps students learn to write stories of their own.

Question 1

1. How many elements are there in a short story?

Question 2

Where can you find the conflict of a story?

Question 3

What do students need to write a story?


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Elements of a Short Story