Project Managing Your Events

If you are an event planner or manager then this course is for you. Discover key project management tools, mechanisms and systems that you can use to save time, manage your team and be even more efficient at what you do!

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You are planning an international conference for 800 delegates and want to apply a PM tool for easy management. Which one would you use?

PM Tools for Event Success

Many event planners do not think of themselves as project managers – but that is exactly what they are. Whether you’re planning a learning or social event for 20 or 1000 people, you and your team must make sure that there is no room for error. In this article we share 3 leading software tools that can be used to help make your next event a huge success! Research them and see which ones best fit your needs.

  • Trello is a free app that lets you and your team monitor your project plan every step of the way – including what stage an activity is at and what has been completed.
  • Basecamp is very useful with large projects.
  • Google drive isn’t really a project management software, but it is very useful because of it’s simplicity and compatibility with all MS Office programs. It is also easy to share documents with your team and other stakeholders regardless of file size.

We hope that you found this article useful. With everything that you have to plan, coordinate, manage and be responsible for in order to make your event a successful one, it makes sense to be able to let the software work for you. These three are just some of the many tools available to help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently – and they are free!

  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Google Drive
  • None of the above