iRoofing for Productivity Training

This training module


will teach you about using iRoofing to increase productivity. After this training you will be able to:

1. Position iRoofing as a tool to improve productivity

2. Answer customer concerns about productivity

3. More stuff here

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iRoofing Productivity Training Video

Productivity with iRoofing

What are the features that make Roofers more productive?

  • Measurement tool
  • Roof Simulator
  • Customer Database
  • Digital Pitch Book
  • Estimator
  • Material Orders
  • Catalogs
  • Digital Contracts

How does the Customer Database help Roofers be more productive?

  • By letting them sort information instantly
  • By having access to all client data on the go
  • By letting roofers to call clients directly from their iPad