rhipe Compliance Training Test

The questions (22) in the test will assess your knowledge of the compliance training you attended.

A score of at least 80% will be considered a pass. If less than 80% is achieved you will be able to attempt the test again until you achieve 80% or higher.

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Which of these is NOT an intention of the rhipe Code of Conduct?

  • To ensure staff conduct business affairs legally, safely and ethically
  • To ensure staff represent the company in a professional and positive light
  • To ensure treat all colleagues, customers etc with respect and courtesy
  • To instruct rhipe staff on how to conduct themselves outside their working relationships and to change their personal beliefs.

True or False? Rhipe employees could be retaliated against if they raise concerns about possible breaches of the rhipe Code of Conduct.

  • True
  • False

True or False? rhipe promotes full compliance with anti-corruption legislation and anti-bribery regulations in Australia only.

  • True
  • False

If your role requires you to deal with vendor and/or partner contracts, it is important that you:

  • Carefully review and ensure you are in full compliance with any warranty clauses relating to anti-bribery and corruption in the contract
  • Skip over warranty clauses as they do not apply to you or rhipe
  • Cross the warranty clauses out with a red pen

True or False? If you only promise to give an item of value to someone in order to benefit yourself or rhipe in some way it isn't considered bribery because you haven't actually given them the item.

  • True
  • False

Gifts valued over what dollar amount must be reported to your Manager/CFO and recorded in the Company Gift Register?

  • $200 AUD or equivalent
  • $300 AUD or equivalent
  • $400 AUD or equivalent

What should you firstly do if you recognise a potential conflict of interest?

  • Report it to your manager or an ELT member
  • Take immediate action yourself to rectify the conflict of interest
  • Report it directly to the local watchdog

Which one of the below is NOT considered confidential information?

  • Price list
  • Employee details
  • Business strategy
  • Office locations

Which one of the below is an example of inside information?

  • Changes to senior management that Dom has sent in an email titled "internal only"
  • Company announcement published on the ASX website
  • News of rhipe's business dealings published on rhipe's website

Which example below constitutes insider trading?

  • Trading on a piece of news announced on the ASX
  • Trading a week before the Company's quarterly results are released that you had prior information about

Your manager meets with you several times to discuss your under-performance which causes you stress. Is this considered bullying?

  • Yes, it would be considered bullying
  • No, it would not be considered bullying

Which of the below is a relevant factor in determining whether a person's conduct would be considered harassment?

  • How a reasonable person would judge the behaviour & whether the behaviour creates a risk to health & safety
  • Whether the alleged harasser works in the same department as the victim
  • Whether the alleged harasser is in the same physical location as the victim

True or False? With regards to bullying & harassment, it is the feelings of the victim that counts rather than the intentions of the harasser.

  • True
  • False

What is one of the best first approaches if you feel you are being bullied or harassed?

  • Speak to friend/colleague then speak to the bully/harasser
  • Retaliate against harasser
  • Avoid the harasser by not coming to work

Direct discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfavourably because of protected attributes. Which of the below is NOT a protected attribute?

  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Fashion sense

Which of the below options is NOT a possible outcome of a bullying/harassment investigation that is found to be true?

  • A public apology
  • Disciplinary action
  • Counselling
  • Training

Which of the below statements about harassment are true?

  • Harassment consists of consistent unwelcome behaviour
  • Harassment is realising something you've said to a colleague is offensive and you apologise
  • It's not considered harassment if it's between groups of people

Which of these scenarios is considered workplace bullying?

  • An employee calls a coworker "stupid" every time the coworker asks the employee a question. This insult causes the coworker to feel bad.
  • A manager places an employee who is not reaching their targets onto performance management which causes the employee to feel stressed
  • An employee unintentionally bumps into their co-worker and apologises

Where are you responsible for ensuring your working environment is safe?

  • At the office or home office
  • In your loungeroom where no work takes place
  • On your way to work while driving

What DOES NOT need to be taken into consideration when setting up your workstation in a safe and healthy way that complies with ergonomic guidelines?

  • Brightness of your screen
  • Position of your seat
  • Ventilation of the work area
  • Adequate amounts of pens and pencils

Where can all rhipe staff find the full Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy?

  • In the Employee Centre on Kirk
  • On the People & Culture page on Yammer
  • On the rhipe website

Finish this sentence: rhipe has a drug and alcohol policy to ensure that...

  • All employees, contractors, clients and visitors are safe
  • Employees are restriced in their actions
  • Employees are dictated behaviours in their own personal social settings