Passwords Y7-9

In this course you will learn about passwords, why they are important and how to make good ones.

1. Why are passwords important?

Why do we have passwords?

What are some of the non-electronic security devices that people use to protect their possessions from being stolen or used by others?

You might have suggested: a lock on a locker, house (keys), bicycle (locks) or a diary (you might just put it under your bed)

When you are using electronic devices can you think of, and write down, a couple of times or instances when you use a password?

Why do we need passwords anyway?

What do you think could happen if someone got hold of your password? (tick all that apply)

2. How DO hackers get your passwords?

Firstly what is a hacker? Click on his head to find out more!

How hackers crack passwords: social engineering


Shoulder surfing

Weak authentication (not using a secure system)

Hi tech hacking

What can you remember? Fill in the gaps

3. Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password

How strong were your "pretend" passwords?

What have your learnt? Click which of these are true or false.

Finally. Do you think you have met the course objectives? Is there anything else you would like to know?