Troubleshooting Basic Training

Want to resolve customer concerns as fast and efficiently as possible?

If you and your entire team are prepared to handle customers efficiently, not only you will spend less time putting fires out, but you will also improve customer retention, ultimately, ensuring iRoofing's future. 

This brief course covers the most common problems iRoofing customers face on a daily basis, and everyone at iRoofing, including you, should be able to handle easily, in just a few minutes. 

Basic Troubleshooting 1

Incoming Calls

The Inevitable

It doesn't matter how great iRoofing is, you will always have upset customers. Sometimes they will be right, sometimes they won't! Regardless, you have the power to drive the customer interaction and make the best out of every situation. 

Remember! If they called you, it's because they want to talk... so start by listening...

One thing is for sure, your customers need YOU to solve their problem, and they need YOU to make it FAST and EASY. Avoid transferring this call at all costs! 

The following are some of the most popular reasons for customer calls. Once you finish this training, you will be able to efficiently handle the majority of requests we get from customers.  

The one thing never to do!



This can cause the user lose all the saved data!

Login Problems


Step 1. Identify The Problem

To help your customer, you first need to ask the right questions. Your first question should always be: 

"What error message is your device giving you?"

There are 4 options:

1.  "Error Connecting to Server"

This error means the tablet is not communicating with our servers. Most likely, the tablet is not getting access to internet.

2. "Login Error, Response Data Corrupted"

This error means the user's credentials are not correct. It could be either the username (email) or their password. 

3. App simply shuts down...

Most likely, either their tablet's operating system or their version of iRoofing is outdated.

4. "User was Registered with Other Device"

This means their email address was already used to log in on a different tablet.

None of the Above?

Proceed to escalate.

"Error connecting to server"

1. "Error connecting to server"

Step 2. (Make sure the customer has internet access on the device).

Instruct the customer to open their Web Browser, go to, and tell you what they see on the main screen. 

If does not load...

Explain to the customer that their device does not have internet access at the moment. 

Step 3

Ask customer to go to WiFi settings and connect to a WiFi network. If the device is already connected to a WiFi network, ask the customer to connect to a different one (if available).

If device is cellular enabled, tell the customer to turn WiFi off. (walk them through the steps)

Test by requesting customer to open on a new web browser window again...

Step 4.

Ask customer to restart the device (turn device off and on again), and test internet connection again. 

If this doesn't solve the problem, escalate. 

If loads...

Step 3

Ask customer to shut down and re-open iRoofing App. (Note: simply tapping the home button and going to the home screen doesn't close the app). 

Click here for instructions on how to shut down an app in iOS or Android.

Step 4.

Ask customer to restart the device (turn device off and on again).

If this doesn't solve the problem, escalate. 

Error with Credentials / Forgot Password

2. "Login Error, Response Data Corrupted"

Step 2. 

Ask the customer which email address is being used to log in, and verify. 

Then explain that the password needs to be reset, and ask for the password they would like. Remember: the password is case sensitive, and needs to be at least 6 characters, no spaces, no special characters.

Step 3. 

If you have backend access:

Go to the backend, under "Company Users", search by email address. Open the user profile by clicking on the user's email address. Type the new password in the password field and click "save changes", then ask the customer to try to log in again.

If you do not have backend access:

Fill out the Password Update Form (PU FORM), and instruct the customer he will get an email with the new password within 15 minutes.

Turn in the PU Form to a team member with backend access.

Step 4. (for the person changing the password)

Email the customer their new password with the Zoho template "Here is your new password".

Note: if customer elected a text message as the main way to contact, send both an email and a text message notification. 

iRoofing App is Crashing

3. App simply shuts down... crashes

Step 2. Update Operating System

Guide the customer to the device's "About" section, and ask them to read the Software Version to you, and make sure they are running the latest software.

Step 3.

If device IS up-to-date:

Proceed to step 4.


If device is NOT up to date:

Instruct the customer to connect their phone to the power, and update their device's software. 

If app keeps crashing after update, proceed to step 4.

Step 4. Update iRoofing

Guide the customer to the update section in their App/Play Store, and have them verify if there is an iRoofing update available. If there is one, update iRoofing app.

If there is no iRoofing update available:

Step 5. Check Compatibility. 

Gather the following information.

  1. Username & Account Name
  2. Device Model & OS version

Then, check to see if the device is compatible with iRoofing HERE (save to your favorites).

 If device is NOT compatible, inform the customer and send them the list of compatible devices. 

 If device IS compatible, proceed to escalate by sending an email with the gathered information to the proper account manager. 

User was Registered with Other Device

4. User was Registered with Other Device?

Does Your Customer Want to Transfer an iRoofing Account from One Device to Another? 

There could be many reasons for this request; however, none of them should take you more than a few minutes to resolve. Again, no need to transfer this call to anyone.

Step 1:

Instruct the customer to backup their data. For directions on how to backup data, click here.

It's imperative to ensure the customer has made their backup, after this, instruct them to sign out of iRoofing. 

Step 2: 

Fill out the Device Update Form (DU Form), and instruct the customer to wait for 20 minutes, then login in their new device, and restore their data right after. To see how to restore the data, click here. 

Step 3: 

Turn in the DU Form to a team member with backend access. 

Adding a User

Your Customer Needs to Add a New User?

This is great news! You can safely assume the customer likes iRoofing. Keep the momentum and make sure they like your customer service!

Keep in mind: your customer is trying to get someone on board. Most likely, this someone is waiting for a username so they can start working... every minute wasted can be frustrating!

Adding a User

Adding a New User

Step 1. Verify that you are speaking with the account admin:

Employees of a company that have not been identified as an administrator do not have permission to make any changes to the account. If the person you are speaking with has administrator privileges, then proceed with the following steps:

If not, kindly inform the caller that unfortunately, YOU do not have access to make changes without the account administrator's permission. 

Step 2.

If account HAS reached the maximum number of users:

Get consent regarding the additional cost per user, and then contact an Account Manager to increase the “Number of Users”. Then instruct the Admin to add the new user from the app again. 

Step 3.

Fill out the Add User Form (AU FORM) and turn in to the Office Manager to update the monthly subscription. 

Step 2.

If account has NOT reached the maximum number of users:

Instruct the customer to open the iRoofing home screen and tap on the gear (settings) icon up in the top right corner. 

  • With the settings menu open, tap on "manage users". 
  • On the next window tap the "+" button on the top right corner 
  • Enter all user's information, and tap the check mark on the top right corner. 

Verify that the user was created by refreshing the account in Zoho and finding the new user.

Put your knowledge to the test!

Put Your Knowledge to The Test! 

Answer the following multiple choice questions and score 95% or higher to pass. 

Remember! Read Carefully and select all the answers that apply.

1. Which of the following can substantially reduce your customer's satisfaction? (select all that apply)

  • Taking a long time to resolve a problem.
  • Admitting mistakes.
  • Allowing the customer to vent.
  • Transferring a call to another team member.

2. What does the error "Error Connecting to Server" mean? (Select all that apply)

  • iRoofing servers are down.
  • Most likely, the tablet is not getting access to internet.
  • The tablets operating system is outdated.
  • iRoofing needs to be updated.
  • The tablet is not communicating with our servers.

3. How do you know the customer's tablet is up-to-date?

  • By guiding the customer to the App/Play Store.
  • By telling the customer the latest software version and having him/her confirm it.
  • By asking the customer to read the software version to you.
  • By guiding the customer to the "About" section of the tablet

4. What does the error "Login Error, Response Data Corrupted" mean?

  • Customer is using the wrong password.
  • Customer is not a registered user.
  • Customer is using the wrong email address.
  • There was a problem backing up data.
  • App data is corrupted, reinstall iRoofing.
  • iRoofing needs to be updated.

5. "My App Keeps Crashing" ... What does this mean?

  • Customer needs to update payment information.
  • Their iRoofing App is outdated.
  • Their data may be corrupted.
  • The same user is registered in more than one device.
  • The tablet's OS is outdated.

6. If iRoofing crashes after updating both the tablet and iRoofing, then...

  • Find out if the customer's tablet is in the Device Compatibility List.
  • There is corrupted data in the backup.
  • The device needs to be unregistered from the backend.
  • The customer needs to delete the app and install again.

7. In most cases, how should new users be added to an existing account?

  • Once authorized, it should be added through the backend.
  • I should guide the account administrator to add it from his/her device.
  • The Account Manager should contact someone with backend access to add manually.
  • By emailing [email protected] with the appropriate account information.

8. When a customer needs to add a user, and he/she has already reached the maximum number of users on the account, you should:

  • Email user to notify of extra user.
  • While the customer is on hold, talk to an Account Manager and increase the number of users. Then guide the customer to add the user straight from his/her tablet.
  • Schedule a training for the new user, after sending the new username and password.
  • Submit the Add User Form to the Office Administrator to update the customer's Subscription.

9. What is the most important step when transferring iRoofing to a new tablet?

  • Registering the new device in the backend.
  • Backing up the user's data stored in the old device.
  • Setting up a new password.
  • Restoring the backed up data to the new device.
  • Updating the new tablet's operating system.

10. What is the ONE THING you can NEVER tell a customer to do?

  • Share their corrupted data with you.
  • Use iRoofing in two devices at the same time
  • Delete the iRoofing App