RMS Academy - Instructor Guide (en)

RMS Academy-Instructor Guide

Course Description

RMS Academy is intended to give learners an understanding of Nielsen’s core Retail Measurement Service (RMS). This program allows learners to experience RMS through self-discovery. They will practice analyzing instead of merely listening to a lecture or reviewing concepts.


The RMS Academy is primarily intended for entry-level Client Service associates and anyone who needs a more thorough understanding of RMS fundamentals and Coverage. Associates from any Nielsen division and Nielsen clients are encouraged to take this course.

Course Design

RMS Academy has been designed in 2 formats, with both including the same basic principles and learning:

  • Instructor-led training (ILT) - Classroom sessions are ideal when multiple people need training at the same time, allowing participants to learn from each other. For optimal benefit, instructors are encouraged to customize the data in the case studies to live data from the countries/clients in the class. Recommended for 4-12 learners.
  • Online training - This web-based option provides learners just-in-time accessibility. Ideal for new starters who need the training immediately or learners who need components from the program, but not the entire curriculum. This can also be used as a refresher following the classroom training. 

Materials, Supplies, Equipment

Online training

Learners will need their PCs and dedicated time to complete the training modules.

Instructor-led training sessions.

The following materials are recommended for successful ILT sessions.