Foreign Object Damage Prevention (FOD)

To understand the importance of foreign object damage prevention and how to be able to identify it.

What is FOD?

FOD is a safety and quality control concept for a variety of sectors including aerospace, aviation, manufacturing, military, warehouse and even shipping. FOD training helps prevent damage to manufacturing equipment.

There are two different meanings for the acronym FOD: Foreign Object Damage and Foreign Object Debris.

What is Foreign Object Damage and Foreign Object Debris?

  • any object, particle, or substance that is not where it is suppose be
    Foreign Object Debris
  • is damage to a manufactured item which then compromises the quality, functionality or economic value of such item
    Foreign Object Damage

Foreign Object Damage

What is object damage?

  • Nicks, dings, and chips wedged in threads
  • Incorrect material
  • Incorrect revision

Which of the following is NOT an example of foreign object damage?

Foreign Object Debris

When packaging boxes it is important that no other objects have accidentally fallen or are placed inside the boxes. Debris such as __________, tumbling media, ___________, staples, incorrect parts, tooling bits or _____________ should all be prevented.


Which of the following is NOT an example of debris?