HR Compliance Course - Saudi Arabia

This course covers Nitaqat, Visa types in Saudi Arabia, Benefits and Insurance coverage in Saudi Arabia, Residency status and Labour laws in Saudi Arabia.

Course Introduction


Welcome to the course on 'Legal and Compliance Training for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia'.

What's in it for you?

Saudization (we can add video with text)

Saudi Arabia is home to 28 million people. (Rotate the globe and show the map of KSA. Then show user icons populating on the map.) This also includes 9 million expats, who have currently occupied a large number of jobs, resulting in a high rate of unemployment among the Saudi nationals.

To tackle this problem, the government has initiated a Saudization program called Nitaqat.

Saudization and Nitaqat

What is Saudization?

What is Saudization?

Saudization refers to the national policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to encourage employment of Saudi nationals in the private and public sector, which is largely dominated by expatriate workers.

What is Nitaqat?

What is Nitaqat?

  • Nitaqat ("ranges" or "zones") is a Saudization program introduced by the Saudi Ministry of Labor. 
  • It intends to boost Saudization in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What is the objective of Nitaqat?

What is the objective of Nitaqat?

In Nitaqat program, based on the nature of the organization, a fixed percentage of Saudi nationals are to be employed.

Under the program, private firms will be classified into blue (Platinum), green, yellow and red categories, according to their performance in the Saudization of jobs.

For any company to operate in Saudi Arabia, it is very important understand the Saudization and Nitaqat policy of the Government for smooth operation and functioning of the company. Depending upon the size of the organization (no. of employees), there is a mandatory localization percentage and companies are mapped to any of the four categories under Nitaqat based on their localization percentage.

Knowledge Check


4 types of 'Nitaqat' and its description are given here. Please identify the correct pairs and match it.

  • Platinum
    Highest percentage of Local Employees
  • Green
    Good Percentage of Local Employees
  • Yellow
    Lower percentage of Local Employees
  • Red
    Lowest percentage of Local Employees

KSA Calling

KSA Visa

Visa Types - Knowledge Check

Knowledge Check - Visa Types

  • Allowed only for managers and top management catagories
  • For Expatriates who arrive in Saudi Arabia on an Employment Visa
  • Allowed only for engineers and technicians

Benefits and Insurance Coverage and Residency Status in KSA

Read the sentence carefully and select 'true' or 'false'.

  • General Organization for Social Insurance implements social insurance rules, collects contributions from employers.
  • It doesn't pay benefits to entitled insured persons and their family members.

Fill in the blanks

Employees travelling on Business Visa are provided cover by  insurance.

KSA Labour Laws

Rank the Nitaqat in from the highest order.

  • Platinum
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red