General Setup


In this training module the user will learn how to download, install, and license the software.


Tutorial 1: Ordering Hardware

Match the hardware platform for each system

  • Server Grade
  • Premium Class
  • Budget Class

What is the hardware needed to run an Aurora project with 100 BACnet devices, 20 Modbus devices, and 3 Modbus utility meters?

  • Quad Core Celeron or Atom, 4GB, 3200B
  • Intel i5, 14GB, 2 x TTB Server Grade
  • Intel Xeon, 32GB, 2 x TTB Server Grade HDD's

How many devices do BACnet meters count as?

  • 1
  • 2
  • None

What is the difference between hard disk drives and server grade hard disk drives?

  • More reliable/durable
  • Faster Speeds
  • Runs cooler

Tutorial 2: Connect Hardware to UPS

What is a UPS?

  • Only a shipping company
  • Unpowered Potential Supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply

What is the purpose of the UPS?

  • To power the Aurora system indefinitely
  • To signal a technician of power quality issues
  • To signal the Aurora system to perform an orderly shutdown

UPS is required for Aurora.

  • True
  • False

Tutorial 3: Self-Installation

Tutorial 3: Self-Installation

Untitled text matching question

  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...
  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...

Tutorial 4.1: Setup Wizard

Tutorial 4.1: Setup Wizard

Place the following setup events in correct order.

  • Configure PC browser to local subnet of the Optergy portal
  • Navigate to
  • Setup Locale settings, date and time, BACnet, and site information
  • UPS configuration
  • Password standards
  • New Admin user
  • Login Admin user

Tutorial 4.2: Optergy License Request

Tutorial 4.2: Optergy License Request

What is the hardware key?

  • A small piece of hardware
  • It is a unique software identifier that is matched to specific hardware installation
  • The serial number

Tutorial 4.3: Software Update/License Upload

Tutorial 4.3: Software Update/License Upload

Place the following software update events in correct order.

  • Download software update files from Optergy Support Network
  • Install .deb and .md5 file
  • Install update
  • Verify version
  • Upload lic.xml.asc
  • View license features

Tutorial 4.4: Basic system configuration


  • The user to move files to and from the portal using a web browser
  • Allows the user to download from Google drive
  • Is disable by default
  • Is enabled by default
  • is password protected

Network configuration required settings:

  • IP address
  • NetMask
  • Hostname
  • Gateway
  • DNS Server
  • DNS Server 2

Untitled drag and drop text question

  • Navigate to System Configuration > Email
  • Complete the email configuration dialog (email address, ports etc)
  • Save
  • Send Test email
  • Verify recipient email client has received the email

Webserver and Portal preferences are general settings like background colors, home page, units and sort orders as well as password requirements.

  • These settings apply across all users.

A DNS must be entered in the Network Settings in order for Email to be sent from Optergy.

  • A DNS must be entered in the Network Settings in order for Email to be sent from Optergy.

Tutorial 4.5: UPS selection and setup

UPS supported in Optergy can be identified where?


UPS is detected using which of the following?

  • Brownout sensor
  • USB communication cable to UPS
  • Wifi signal

Untitled drag and drop text question

  • Navigate to System configuration > UPS Status
  • Configure
  • Select compatible UPS or generic
  • Save
  • View settings

Tutorial 4.7: Webserver and Portal preferences

Webserver and Portal preferences are user configurable options used to customize:

  • Display presentation
  • System logging detail
  • Default meter and scaling
  • Default report behavior
  • Billing units
  • Server configuration
  • Passwords

Match the items

  • Home Page
    Links to display from toolbar button press
  • Home Display
    Links to menu item selection

Home page setup

  • Optergy must have a home page setup for the system to work correctly

Where are the instructions for the webserver parameters found?

  • Optergy Installation sheet
  • Help file
  • Optergy Support network
  • Google

Tutorial 4.8: Live Display Preferences

Live Display Preferences can be used to preset system wide behaviours in the viewing and interaction with data displays.

  • Log level is a setting that determines how granular the system logs get while capturing data.
  • Main Page does not set the main display system wide.
  • Include custom AO/BV/BO override color. Sets the color of the value when the user overrides a display item.
  • Prompted Property style and color are used to draw attention to the fact that a user has overridden a point.

Untitled multiple choice question

  • Don't center (top left)
  • Bottom Center
  • Center by image
  • Right justified

Tutorial 4.9: BACnet configuration

Optergy BACnet Device Object parameters will take effect as soon as the changes are saved.

  • The Optergy server can be represented as a BACnet device after its BACnet Device Object parameters are saved.

BACnet configuration procedure

  • Navigate to System Configuration > BACnet
  • Press Edit
  • Device Instance
  • UDP port
  • Network interface
  • Object Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Device timeout
  • Accept Time Sync
  • BACnet log level
  • Optimum start log level
  • Save

Tutorial 4.10: Weather Station

Select the Supported Weather Station types:

  • Vaisala Weather Station
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 (RTU and TCP IP)
  • Accuweather
  • Weatherunderground API
  • Tycon TP-2700WC Pro Weather Station

Describe the procedure to create a weather station and display

  • Navigate to System Configuration > Weather Station
  • Choose and configure the weather station properties
  • Create a weather station display
  • Upload historical data if required

Optergy help contains weather station wiring and configuration instructions.

  • Optergy help contains weather station wiring and configuration instructions.

Weather Station data can:

  • Auto trend log every 5 minutes
  • Converted into Server points BACnet Al
  • Displayed on Dashboard or Display
  • Used in DDC programming

What is an API?

  • Application Personalized Information
  • Application Program Interface
  • Automated Protected Interface

What is an API Key?

  • Key created by Weather underground to facilitate software connections
  • Unlock feature in Optergy
  • User interface map key

What is an API Key used for?

  • Put your answer option here
  • Put your answer option here

Tutorial 7: Users and Groups

Tutorial 7: Users and Groups


Untitled statement question

  • Optergy can support Departments, Groups and Users. The system can only be used if this hierarchy is observed.

List the process to create a Contact, Department, Group and User

  • Navigate to User Configuration > Contact Management
  • Enter Contact Details
  • Navigate to User Configuration > Department List
  • Enter Department Details and Department Admins
  • Navigate to User Configuration > Group List
  • Enter Group description, members, bookmarks, privileges
  • Enter User profile, preferences, group memberships, bookmarks, user privileges and effective privileges
  • Navigate to User Configuration > User List

Effective privileges are:

  • The combined privilege of the group and user, whichever is greater that permission is permitted
  • User permission supersedes the group
  • Group permission supersedes the user
  • Using both will create a conflict
  • All of the above

Untitled statement question

  • Contact information is used for Reports and Alarm notifications by SMS and email.