Are you looking to better understand the global e-commerce solutions Nielsen has to offer?  This introductory course is designed to take you through the the Nielsen e-commerce products, from measurement of sales and share, shopper analytics to our recent strategic alliance with Profitero.

Global E-Commerce Overview

Meet Maria

How does Maria shop?

Every week Maria scribbles down a list of errands to run and things to buy. This week her list includes buying vegetables, sports drinks, and beauty products, etc. Previously, she would bring this list to a local store and check each item off as she placed them into her cart. 

What's happening today?

In today’s on-demand global economy where smartphones are glued to our hands – with just few clicks – Maria buys her vegetables from an e-tailer like Alibaba, beauty products via the Sephora app, and her essentials automatically ordered from Amazon’s Subscribe & Save. Her options don’t just stop there – to save time, she can choose between home-delivery or to collect pre-ordered products in-store. 

What is the impact of these new channels?

Maria – whether you’re a millennial, Gen X, or a boomer –  is just like you and me. She chooses the convenient and time-saving option to get her errands done so she can enjoy more free-time. These new channels enable her and all of us to do that.

However, new channels mean new blind spots for your clients' business. It’s now harder than ever before to get that total consumer picture of what consumers like Maria are buying not just in-store, but online across various channels and delivery mechanisms.

Channel Fragmentation

Imagine a world 5 years from now – there will be newer channels and more innovative ways to deliver, like drones for example. Tech savvy millennials around us may be the head of their household with the power of the wallet and boomers will continue seeking convenience in their day-to-day. 

What will this mean for our clients’ business?

Retail Fragmentation

New Opportunities

New channels mean new blind spots for our client's business. It’s now harder than ever before to get that total consumer picture of what consumers like Maria are buying not just in-store, but online across various channels and delivery mechanisms.

Global Trends

E-Commerce is accelerating

Click on a market to learn about how the e-commerce landscape is changing at a rapid pace. 

What are the main impacts of e-commerce?

Right now, e-commerce is having an impact on your clients! Imagine your clients' landscape as you think about the question below.

  • Performance
  • Competition for growth
  • Shoppers

Stay Ahead With Nielsen

Clients can stay ahead with Nielsen and get answers to crucial business questions.

Review client questions below, then mouse over each icon to learn more.

Nielsen E-Commerce Suite

Nielsen’s E-Commerce Measurement & Analytics Suite allows you to discover what was purchased and by whom online.

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Let's Review

Which tool in the Nielsen E-Commerce Suite best supports each client objective? (Select the best answer for each objective)

Performance -  

Shopper -  

Growth -  


We’ve been learning from our launches in other markets – providing expertise. We’re not doing this for the first time. We’re applying best practices from our services in other markets and bringing it here for you.

The e-commerce measurement solution will provide an integrated view of consumer insights, in addition to the market measurement, through consumer level purchase data. Through the analysis of consumer purchase receipts received by email and direct consumer reporting, insights into specific product sales and trends at major online retailers will be revealed.

Our clients will get the highest-quality e-commerce measurement and analytics for 3 main reasons: 

  1. Comprehensive coverage, integrated data, and reliable service. 1)Access to comprehensive coverage – Due to our dynamic multi-sourced data approach, we cover 90% of CPG sales in the U.S. 
  2. Integrated data – No longer will you have to play around with excel to align your in-store and online data. With Nielsen, you’ll have harmonized category definitions for in-store and online in one convenient place. 
  3. With over 90 years of experience in product coding, analytics, and CPG measurement, no other company besides Nielsen is equipped to provide you with reliable service.


It’s essential for our clients to assess your performance and evaluate areas for improvement. Our clients can leverage causal analytics to optimize their digital shelf and measure digital shelf KPIs.

As another approach to optimize your digital shelf, it’s essential to have the highest quality content for consumers to sift through. However, publishing, managing, and distributing this content can be complex. With Brandbank, a recently acquired company by Nielsen, our clients will seamlessly be able to take high-resolution images/share product details, manage its quality, and seamlessly distribute this content to retailers.

Let's Review

  • What barriers impede CPG online purchases and how can they be overcome?
  • How do categories differ across online shopping behavior, such as planning, purchase influencers, and fulfillment preferences?
  • What is the buying rate of my category online?
  • What is my market share in eCommerce?
  • Who are the market leading eTailers and what factors drive shopper satisfaction at them?
Think about the types of questions Nielsen Digital Shopping Fundamentals can answer for clients. For each question listed below, select TRUE if this question can be answered or FALSE if it is not an outcome of this tool.

E-Commerce Deep Dive: U.S.


Investing in multiple data assets such as online point of sale/scan data (ePOS) from retail partners and building out a Consumer Sourced Data set makes it possible to deliver the most comprehensive e-commerce read to our clients. 

Complete Measurement and Market Coverage 

Many e-commerce measurement providers only use consumer-sourced data.  Consumer-sourced data-only solutions do not create the same accuracy as the best source of truth, which is point-of-sale data directly from the retailers.  

This is what gives Nielsen a unique competitive advantage in the industry. We are investing in a unique blended methodology (including ePOS retailers, over 100 consumer sourced retailers, and over 1 million panelists) that today covers  90% of e-commerce CPG sales in the U.S. 

Clients will be able to conveniently evaluate both offline and online sales and share performance, as our e-commerce measurement solution provides an integrated omni-channel view aligned to clients’ category definitions.

Both Representation and Sample Size Are Important

Large data sets can provide stability, but poor representation can cause inaccuracies and bias. Nielsen uses advanced statistical measures and expertise from managing many large panels to reduce panel bias and accurately project the data set to be representative of the Total U.S. We built our panels from the ground up, capturing buyer receipts and sales from our panelists, in order to fuel the most accurate total U.S. projection in the marketplace. 

Here’s how we’re collecting sales data today: 

  • e-receipt panel of 1M panelists
  • Amazon panel of 100k panelists
  • Homescan panel of 100k panelists

And these numbers will continue to grow to 1.7M+ panelists in 2017!  

As the panels grow, they become more dynamic -- allowing us to capture emerging retailers and direct-to-consumer brands. These insights will help our clients stay one step ahead in this fast-paced environment.


With Nielsen E-Commerce, clients can understand what is happening for their brands in the Total US and where they are winning/losing. If Amazon is the big driver in your clients' business’ performance, they can leverage Profitero Amazon Direct (Amazon Sales & Share Data) to understand key drivers and drill down to see those items at the most granular level.

With Profitero Amazon Sales & Share and Digital Shelf 360, clients can discover why they are winning/losing at retailers and how they are executing versus competitors.


With Nielsen, clients will get the highest-quality e-commerce measurement and analytics. With a comprehensive and accurate Total Consumer picture of performance, Nielsen will help clients maximize efficiency and ROI.

Mouse over each icon to learn more.

Let's Review

  1. What percent of U.S. e-commerce CPG sales are covered by Nielsen's multi-sourced measurement?  
  2. Together, with Nielsen and , you can discover why you’re winning / losing at retailers and how you’re executing versus competitors.
  3. What are the 3 components of getting a total consumer view?
  •  – Due to our dynamic multi-sourced data approach
  •  – Harmonized category definitions for in-store and online in one convenient place
  •  – With over 90 years of experience in product coding, analytics, and CPG measurement

E-Commerce Deep Dive: China


China has become the largest and most advanced online market.

All big CATEGORIES are growing FAST online

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E-Commerce Deep Dive: Korea


Leading the way

Across many categories, Korea is leading the way in e-commerce.

17% Online Selling Importance in Total FMCG Market %


E-Commerce Deep-Dive: France




E-Commerce Deep Dive: UK




Looking Ahead

Experience and Quality Matter

Nielsen is the leader in measurement, providing the industry with more than 90 years of product coding experience and access to the largest global reference database. Unlike other e-commerce measurement providers, we are bringing our expertise from the offline world to the online world to develop a best-in-class e-commerce measurement solution. Developed by our prominent data scientists, Nielsen E-Commerce Measurement will empower clients to effectively compare sales and share with incredible depth, breadth, and flexibility. 

What can you do? 

We ask that you become an e-commerce evangelist. Help get the word out to clients and to your teammates, and let them know why our e-commerce measurement solution is best-in-class. 

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  3. Review marketing and sales materials in the NLSN E-Commerce Google Drive

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