Email basics

After completing this course the learner will be able to use basic functions of Microsoft Outlook application.

Course will consist of 3 sections:

- Start to use Microsoft Outlook

- Checking a mailbox

- Creating a new message

At the end of the course the learner will be tested on received knowledge.   


Section 1) Start using Microsoft Outlook

Create an account in Outlook

When you start Microsoft Outlook in first time the registration window should open automatically.

1) Type a name to the profile and select Ok

2)If window does not ope automatically go File>Add account. Add Account window will be opened. On the Add Account page, enter your name, email address, and password. This information you should get from organisation or internet service provider. Then select Next.

3) Click Next. 

4) Outlook will setup your account. Click Finish

Congratulations! Your account is ready to use!

What should you do when first time you use Microsoft Outlook

  • Create profile
  • Configure mailbox
  • Select internet service provider

Where can you get information about your email address and password?

  • From organisation or internet service prover
  • From post office
  • From web

If add account window does not come up automatically you should go to:

  • File>Add Account
  • Options>Create Account
  • Options>Add Acount

Section 2) Checking a mailbox

Checking Mailbox

1) On folders sidebar select Inbox folder 

All you inbox messages will be shown on the in the list. Unread messages will appear with bold font 

You can organize them by Date, Sender, Receiver, Size, Attachments, Type, Subject or importance 

To show only unread messages click on Unread button

To Update your mail select Send/Receive > Send/Receive All Folders 

To check you mailbox yo should select the following folder

  • New Messages
  • Inbox
  • Received Items

Outlook will show only unread messages if you select the following button

  • Only new
  • Unread
  • Unopened

Section 3) Creating a new message

Creating new message

1) Select New Email, or press Ctrl + N.

2) In the Subject box, type the subject of the message

3) Enter the recipients' email addresses or names in the To, Cc, or Bcc box. Separate multiple recipients with a semicolon.

To display the Bcc box for this and all future messages, click Options, and then in the Show Fields group, select Bcc.

4) After you finish composing your message, select Send.

What combination of buttons used to create new message

  • Ctrl+M
  • Alt+N
  • Ctrl+N
  • Alt+M

How to separate recipients in To, CC or Bcc fields?

  • By semicolion
  • By coma
  • By space
  • By Tab

How to display Bcc box?

  • click Options, and then in the Show Fields group, select Bcc.
  • click File, and then in the Permissions group, select Bcc.
  • click Options, and then in the Permissions group, select Bcc.
  • click File, and then in the Show Fields group, select Bcc.