ABG value game

Welcome to the Amber Beverage Group Value game!

The game includes 7 different tasks. Through the tasks, you will get to know the companies values and behaviors better.

The common values unite all Amber Beverage Companies: Tenacity, Entrepreneurship, Fun, Excellence, Speed, and Teamwork. These are our core values, which unite us, help in making decisions and apprising achievements.

At the beginning of the game, you will find all the company values and behaviors. Please read all values that will help you to be more fast and successful in the game.

Please notice that, you can go to the next task, only after completed previous task.

Good luck!

Amber Beverage Group values

Go through ABG values and actions!


1. Can you name ABG values, mission and vision? Drag all the answers into the right places on the value pyramid!

  • Deliver excellence whatever we do
  • The leader in beverages and beyond wherever we go
  • Fun
  • Speed
  • Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tenacity
  • Teamwork

2. Find the right action for the right value by connecting them!

  • Entrepreneurship
    We know and understand our business - market, competitors, clients, company figures
  • Fun
    We take challenges with "can do" attitude
  • Speed
    We plan our work efficiently and set clear priorities
  • Tenacity
    We always keep promises
  • Excellence
    We constantly challenge ourselves and seek for improvements

3. Mark four Fun actions by clicking on them and leaving a mark!

4. Mark a picture by clicking on it where the action meets the value!

5. Mark which of the statements are true and which are false?

  • We set stretching targets and benchmark ourselves against the "best in class" - Excellence
  • We learn from mistakes and keep doing despite obstacles/failures - Fun
  • We constantly look for business opportunities and exploit them - Entrepreneurship

6. Mark one action that meet the value of Speed?

  • We share information, ideas and knowledge promptly
  • We are proud and enjoy working in our company
  • We take tasks and do them

7. Mark one action that meet the value of Entrepreneurship?

  • We act with trust and respect caring how our actions influence others
  • We take responsibility to deliver result
  • We always find at least 2 solutions to every problem and only then seek management input or approval