Team Leader Screening - Managerial Skills

This assessment is to gauge your management style on the assumption that you are successful in being recruited as a Team Leader at Knockout Gaming. 

There are no right or wrong answers and you should answer each scenario with the honest approach that you would take and include a brief explanation as to why you would take this course of action (where applicable).

Managing @ Knockout Gaming

Mistakes: How would you handle this team scenario?

Geoff has worked for Knockout for 5 months. His probation period is due to finish in a couple of weeks.

The quality of his emails in regards to grammar and information accuracy are generally of high quality.

One thing you've noticed however, is that he often makes mistakes that can cause wide disruption and even potentially put the casino's license at risk.

What would your course of action be and why?

Trainee: How would you handle this team scenario?

Sara has just started with the company and is a training group. The customer service trainer has noticed (and pointed out to you) that Sara is quite argumentative and doesn't like to follow instructions.

How would you proceed and why?

Inheritance: How would you handle this team scenario?

You've inherited a team from the previous manager, Susan and you are on day 2 of being a Team Leader. It's now 11:00AM. 

As part of the hand over of the team, Susan mentions to you that one of the team has had some issues. The CS agent's name is David.

David has on 2 occasions not turned up for work when he should have done. 

After investigating with HR, Susan discovered that this was due to the fact that David suffers from a mental illness and he couldn't come to work due to complications regarding his illness.

Susan and HR have been accommodating to this and warned David that in spite of his illness, if he repeats this behaviour that we might have to review his future career at Knockout gaming.

David was meant to be at work at 8:00AM today. 

What course of action do you take?


How would you handle this customer scenario?

Barry has been a player at Knockout Casino for a while now and he's spent roughly $250,000 in the last 3 months. It's safe to say we regard him as a VIP player.

Barry has just told one of the agents that he is suffering with depression and thinks he could be suffering with gambling addiction.

Protocol to follow is to close any account permanently if we have a report of gambling addiction as this is in our license. You do realise that though that the decision to close the account is going to cost us a lot of money in profit.

What do you do?

How would you handle this customer scenario?

We've been asking Derek (a player of ours) to send in some identification documents in order to proceed with paying out a withdrawal to a player. We are license bound to do so and it also follows rules to prevent money laundering.

One of the requirements is that he shouldn't have any corners of his passport covered up so we can verify that it's valid.

Derek has sent the same image 4 times with a chain of emails that don't meet the specification and now he's really annoyed and wants to speak to a manager. 

How do you handle this situation?


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At Knockout, we are really big on development. We want our people to strive to be the best.

How do you feel you can contribute to getting the best out of:

a) Your team

b) The CS department