Public Servants Orientation Demo

Introduction to the Kenyan Government and its operations.

Who among the following is not a member of the Judiciary?

  • The Attorney General
  • Supreme Court Judge
  • The President
  • The Chief Justice

Kindly watch the attached Video and select the best answer that explains the best response to such a scenario.

  • Put your answer option here
  • Collect items from the surrounding and start throwing at the attackers
  • Surrender and walk towards the attackers
  • Call for help by calling the police hotline


Suppose you receive a call from an anonymous person and they claim to be from the HR department as displayed in the image below. what do you think should be the best response?

  • Give out your information for reconciliation
  • Ask the caller to meet you in person
  • Ask the caller to identify themselves with their staff ID
  • Fail to comply and report the matter to the HR

What is the role of the members of the county Assembly?

  • Appointing the Governor
  • Representatives of the county wards
  • Keeping law and order in the wards level
  • Making county laws

Mark the following statements as true or false.

  • Because you work in a secure building, you can discuss confidential information in an open work area.
  • The Information Security Policy and related policies only apply to electronic and hardcopy records and does not apply to verbal discussions.
  • You should always lock your computer when you are away from your desk.

Which one of the following shows respect for confidentiality of information?

  • Discussing confidential information over the telephone.
  • Disclosing confidential information only to authorized individuals.
  • Uploading confidential information to a shared web site.
  • Emailing confidential information to a colleague.

Which of the following are the functions of the President?

  • The President shall nominate and, with the approval of the National Assembly, appoint, and may dismiss the Attorney General
  • Exercise a power of mercy in accordance with the advice of the Advisory Committee and remit all punishment
  • Address the opening of a new parliament
  • Exclusively appoint the Chief Justice

Which of the following is not a member of EALA?

  • Moses Kuria
  • Sarah Bonaya
  • Peter Mathuki
  • Agnes Mumbi

Who is the CBK Gorvenor?

  • Andrew Mullei
  • Njuguna Ndungu
  • Henry Rotich
  • Patrick Njoroge

Which of the following are the functions of the government towards its citizens

  • Promotion of economic development
  • Protection of lives and property
  • Determination of where people live
  • Maintenance of law order