What is One Drive, where you can use it, what you can do with it

What is OneDrive For Business

What is OneDrive For Business

The OneDrive for Business application allows you to sync/backup your filesfrom your computer and securely stores them in the “cloud”.

Manage and synch files

Move, rename, and delete

You can move, rename, and delete your files the sameway you're used to, with one important difference:the changes you make to OneDrive for Business files will sync to all your other devices.So if you delete a file here, it's deleted everywhere.

Sharing Documents with Others

You can share files and/or folders straight from your harddisk

Sharing Documents with Others

You can share files and/or folders from your webbrowser

Limitations, Restrictions and troubleshooting

Things to watch out for when saving files

OneDrive For Business on the web

You have your documents on a webbrowser

OneDrive For Business on your Mobile Device

You have your documents available on your Mobile

Saving Files

  • I should save my files in the OneDrive For Business folder
  • I save my files in a folder that I have created

What can I do and not do

  • I can use special characters such as &, %, $, # in the file or folder name
  • I can see my files on OneDrive from any computer with an Internet connection
  • I can share files only with Ansell people

Where is my stuff

  • My data is not available on my Ipad
  • My data is backed up in the cloud