Bringing It Together

Bringing It Together: Learned Competencies

Being Concierge

Now that you've completed your training, you should be able to quickly assess a customer's need and navigate them to the best possible solution. In addition, to their expressed need, you should now be able to add value to the conversation by addressing the needs that were not expressed, as well.  See below for a list of the common customer's need, and resources available to assist. 

Remember, WE VALUE YOUR THOUGHTS! If you have any ideas on how our company can expand upon the value that we're providing, feel free to share!

  1. Understanding/Using medical insurance benefits

    • Cost of procedures (copays, ded, etc)

    • Coverage of procedures/services (incld any authorizations that may be needed)

    • Cost of medications (RX ded, copays, tiers, etc)

    • Scheduling appts

    • Medical Bill Review to help understand dr/hospital charges and customer responsibility

    • Explaining insurance cycle of enrollment (sales, app receipt, payment, card receipt, renewal)

  2. Provider Network Status

    • Locate in network providers

    • Confirming network status of preferred providers

    • Advising of in network vs out of network benefits

    • Designating PCPs (HMO/POS)

  3. Receiving Low/No Cost Medical Care

    • Locating local clinics that bill on a sliding scale (according to income)

    • Researching programs that cover Rx for diseases/chronic conditions such as:

      • HIV/Aids

      • Diabetes

      • High Blood Pressure

    • Healthjoy/MeMD Telemed services

    • Locating local retail pharmacies that offer Minute Clinic services for acute conditions

    • Medical bill review to negotiate lower out of pocket costs

    • Lab discounts

  4. Saving Money on Prescription Medications (Rx)

    • Researching Rx manufactures for discounts/coverage

    • Contacting retail pharmacies directly for cash prices of medications

    • Searching for applicable discounts

    • Search UNA (HII customers only) for applicable discounts

    • Rx Optimization to find lowest cost Rx under insurance in addition to discounts

  5. Health Maintenance

    • Telemed

    • Health Chat

  6. Ancillary Savings

    • Dental discount programs

    • Vision discount programs

    • Laboratory discount program