Where Does It All Go Wrong?

Helping business owners to sell more and build their confidence in sales. This is the first section of the BOSS Business Owners Sales Skills workshop

What Are Your Sales Challenges?

I could build my client base, increase sales, and grow my business if only I could be more effective at?

What effect has that had on your business?

What's your commitment to do away with this?

 Please list three things you would like to do to improve your sales capability

What effect has this had on your business?

Please give a short summary of the cost you think this may have had on your business, for example, lost sales, number of extra customers you could have had, additional profit you could have made.

What's your personal level of commitment to do away with these challenges?

on a scale of 0 to 10, what is you level of commitment to doing away with these sales issues, where 1 is I am happy where I am, and nothing needs to change, and 10 means I am desperate to change and totally committed to learning practices that will transform my business

Typical Issues Our Clients Tell Us Include

Look through this list of sales issues and in your workbook tick which ones apply to you.

I want to be more assertive at selling


I struggle to communicate my true value


Proper use of marketing to generate leads


How do I advertise effectively?


How do I keep my sales funnel topped up?


Getting people to recognise quality rather than focusing solely on price




Making sales calls


I don’t know who to target


I don’t know how to bring in new customers


Using social media effectively


Not to be too forward and come over as pushy


Following up, when, how often


Accepting that some people will say no


Not giving up easily, being pessimistic


Picking up the phone and knowing what to say


Fear of rejection


How do I differentiate myself?


Closing deals


Writing too many quotes that never close


How we often fail when trying to sell

There are many ways we can fail when selling, and here are just some of them:

  1. You haven't had to prospect, don't know how, or haven't seen it done well.
  2. You spend too much time waiting—waiting on the company or waiting for new materials, clearer instructions, the new website, or leads.
  3. You allow yourself to become a prisoner of hope to a precious few deals and stop working the process to create new opportunities.
  4. You can't effectively tell your sales story.
  5. You are poor at selecting and focusing on target accounts.
  6. You are late to the party and end up playing an already in progress game.
  7. You have become negative, pessimistic and lack belief.
  8. You lack confidence and have a fear of rejection, which causes you to hold back sometimes
  9. You are either faking your phone effort or could be much better on the phone.
  10. You are not coming across as likable or are not adapting to your buyer's style.
  11. You are not conducting effective sales calls.
  12. You babysit and overserve your existing accounts to the detriment of finding new business.
  13. You are too busy helping everyone else.
  14. You don't own your own sales process and default to the buyer's.
  15. You don't use your calendar well or protect your time for prospecting.
  16. You have stopped learning and growing.
  17. You just aren't built for prospecting and hunting for new business.
  18. You are great at being a free consultant

Learning Points and Action Items

Enter the key learning points for you from this section so far

The Buyer Should be in Control, no?

Buyer Control


What is the buyer-seller dance?

The buyer-seller dance is a  Initially the buyer seems totally , but then suddenly seems to be very  and asks lots of questions. The traditional sales person  these questions as well as they can. Then, for some reason, the buyer seems to have . The whole process seems unfair and unpredictable.

The Client Journey

It's not love at first sight


Test your knowledge of the Client Journey

  • Aware
  • Interest
  • Evaluate
  • Trial
  • Adopt
  • Loyal

THE ABC of Sales Success

The ABC of Success


What are the three key areas for sales success?

Sales success requires key areas to be in place.

These are   and 

Which area do you need to work on the most?