Where Does It All Go Wrong?

Helping business owners to sell more and build their confidence in sales. This is the first section of the BOSS Business Owners Sales Skills workshop

What Are Your Sales Challenges?

I could build my client base, increase sales, and grow my business if only I could be more effective at?

What effect has this had on your business?

What's your personal level of commitment to do away with these challenges?

Typical Issues Our Clients Tell Us Include

How we often fail when trying to sell

Learning Points and Action Items

The Buyer Should be in Control, no?

Buyer Control

What is the buyer-seller dance?

The Client Journey

It's not love at first sight

Test your knowledge of the Client Journey

  • Aware
  • Interest
  • Evaluate
  • Trial
  • Adopt
  • Loyal

THE ABC of Sales Success

The ABC of Success

What are the three key areas for sales success?

Which area do you need to work on the most?