Chapter 2 Migration

Section 1

The first civilization to develop an advanced counting system including the number zero is ______________.

  • Mayan
  • Iroquoian
  • Algonquian

What natural resource was most important to the Eastern Woodlands?

  • Whale
  • Wood
  • buffalo

_______________ is when groups depend on supplies of food and other natural resources to meet their needs.

All civilizations have:

  • Wood
  • similar ways of life
  • religion
  • learning
  • ceremonies

what parts of the buffalo were used?

  • Every part
  • Head
  • skin

How were the parts of the buffalo used?

  • make tools
  • to eat
  • to make clothing
  • to make weapons
  • All of the Above

According to the land bridge theory, early people crossed from the continent of ________.


The Native Americans living in the Arctic banded together because ____________.

  • there was little wood
  • food was scarce
  • it was cold

The economy of Native Americans living in the Arctic shared _________.

  • wood
  • homes
  • seal meat


  • A civilization culture has a strong influence on the way a civilization is developed.
  • A civilization ceremony has a strong influence on the way a civilization is developed.
  • People of the Arctic adapted their shelters by building igloos.
  • Scientists say that the people who live in North America were here thousands of years before the land bridge theory.
  • Tepees were made from animal skins stretched over wood poles.
  • Longhouses were made from igloos
  • Longhouses were made from trees cut down in the Eastern Woodlands and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Languages separated the Iroquoian and the Algonquian.

Native Americans often depend on this to produce more goods.

  • Agriculture
  • Division of Labor
  • Chief Indian

The Northwest Coast people also depended on __________for their economy.

Societies were broken down into __________ and at the top were religious leaders.

  • classes
  • teams
  • families

ext matching question

  • Migration
    movement of people
  • artifacts
    things found that allow scientists to learn a great deal about early life of people
  • ancestors
    the first people in North America; our past family memebers
  • ceremonies
    celebrations or religious events
  • Pueblos
    homes built using adobe bricks
  • theory
    idea based on study and research

The Plains people did not depend on trees because:

  • they did not have many trees
  • they wanted to fish
  • they had buffalo

What is the main reason early people began to live in villages?

  • they built houses
  • they developed agriculture
  • they hunted food

The Northwest Coast and Eastern Woodlands depended on ____________.

  • the chief to bring food
  • trees to provide wood
  • women to wash clothing

Northwest Coast and Eastern Woodlands used wood to:

  • make toys
  • make canoes
  • make homes
  • make tools