Project Management Refresher

This training will refresh your project management skills. It will give you more insight as to how Exclusive Events PTY LTD would like to standardise it's project management process. It will provide you with examples of typical challenges organisations face. You will have to do resource allocation and ultimately create a project plan for the duration of your project.

Analyse the challenges of project management

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Analyse the Challenges of Project Management

There are a number of different challenges that crop up with projects the most common being scope, time, quality and budget allocation. There are ten typical challenges that face business when managing projects but we will focus on the top 5: 

  1. Misalignment between projects and their business objectives: The purpose of a project is to advance one or more business objectives. Most projects start out closely aligned with these objectives, but gaps inevitably appear. Without redirection, projects and deliverables end up failing to meet     expectations.
  2. Late or delayed projects: Late projects wreak havoc, delaying the time at which a company can start reaping business benefits and disrupting the long term return on investment. 
  3. Execution difficulties: Problematic execution wastes resources, time and opportunities, diverts management attention and hinders project delivery. 
  4. Overlapping and redundant projects: Overlapping projects are responsible for major inefficiencies     and wasted budgets, time and resources. At their worst, they undermine each other’s progress and potential benefits. Redundant and duplicative projects are also unprofitable, increasing costs, prolonging schedules and diverting resources from more deserving projects.
  5. Resource conflicts: Companies rarely have sufficient resources to staff all projects concurrently. As such, projects compete against each other for resources, and people are often assigned to several projects at the same time. Those with special expertise of scarce skills may be in high demand,     causing bottlenecks.

Lack of communication can really stall the progress of a project and cripple the organisation as a whole.

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