Project Management

How do you Choose Team Members, Designing the Project and Implementing the Project? We will show you how...

Team Member Delegation

Which qualities should team members retain?

  • Knowledge of the topic in question
  • Leadership qualities
  • Delegation Responsibility
  • No qualities

Project Creation

Project Creation and Team Management

Having learnt and discussed the various requirements of team delegating and project requirements, you should now have a good understanding of what is required to source effective team members, assign these individuals to various tasks and be able to evaluate their progress in the tasks which you have given them. Remember, a team is only as good as its weakest individual. It is important that each member is involved to such a point that they feel their input is being valued and their work constantly evaluated, even if it may not be used in the final outcomes of the project. Team members should be able to manage their time effectively, break down their respective responsibilities into bite-size pieces and re-integrate these pieces into one fully formed, final product which will be integrated with the rest of the project. Your team members should be able to adequately describe what their work has entailed and how they fulfilled the tasks which they were given. Team members should understand that if they have not fulfilled the requirements of their responsibility, that this will bring down the entire effectiveness of the project, possibly even leading the project to fail. It is important for each team member to understand where they fit in, and how their specific responsibility contributes to the success of the project. After the project has been implemented, an evaluation should be done in order to check what results the project is bringing in, and if any improvements need to be made.