Sales Advisor DNA

Who would you hire? Do first impressions count?

The lanyard

Do first impressions count? are we accepting bad habits from the start.. 

what candidate would you hire form the below images...

The phone


The body language

Sales Advisor DNA - What makes the perfect TSTM employee?

Our Sales Advisor Mindset

  • A genuine Interest in people
  • A thirst for knowledge
  • Thinking comercially
  • Want to be the best in their team; and will do anything to get there
  • They keep themselves to them self and don't play an active part in their team
  • They see 'Reward' as a big deal and want to be praised for thier performance
In this activity you will select 3  answers as to what really go through our sales advisors minds.. what do you think they are?

Our Sales Advisor Knowledge

  • They take time to get to know our store
  • They don't really need to know about product detail... the customer can read the product label for themselves
  • TAPP is a part of their day to day activity
  • They love Topshop Topman and actively follow the fashion
  • They know about clothing and don't need to rely on internal support to coach them
  • there is only one type of TSTM customer so they don't need to adapt their approach for them.

Our Sales Advisor Skills

  • Happy to give and receive honest feedback
  • Would agree with the customers opinion regardless if that top looked awful on them. we want to make money!
  • Can alter their skills and use it in a conversational way
  • Like to be taught how to deliver the best possible service
  • Deliver service in their own unique style. It depends on the day and the customer
  • Approaches every customer to meet those KPI's. they are here to sell clothes!
  • Know when a customer wants to be left alone or when a customer needed them, their own body language reflected this and were able to adapt.

Our Sales Advisor Behavior

  • They're self- aware and continuously seeking to improve and develop themselves
  • They wait to receive information before acting on it
  • They see their department as their store and know their role to make it a success
  • They're a song team worker and understand the benefits
  • They coach and mentor in a direct patronising way
  • Being honest, and friendly is not important to them

Conducting the perfect Interview

A 'Chatty Cathy'

  • The candidate keeps on talking and start to get tired
  • The candidate keeps on talking and i look for clues to divert them back to original question

A 'Nervous Nelly'

  • I start to make an informal conversation to calm the candidate down prior to the start of the interview
  • I start the interview regardless, if their nervous here what will they be like on the sales floor?
what is the best way to deal with a nervous candidate?

Did they just say that?

  • Not at all, this in not professional and doesn't represent the brand.
  • Although it was bad, were not on the shop floor yet?
The candidate has started to answer your question, in reference to their answer they swear.. is this acceptable? 

Ive asked all the questions, but im still undecided. Help!

  • Yes! ask something personal, 'why do they want to work here' 'What will you bring to the team?'
  • No, i can't i need to score the interview based on the question I've got in front of me
The interview has ended, i want to ask another question can i?