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Welcome to the World Class Speaker Training!

Congratulations on enrolling for this course, you are an achiever and you have committed to success and for this I honour you.

This training was designed to be used along with  the T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S. System, so that you can take your sales career and business to a whole new level.

In this program, I am going to teach practical ways to Master the way you speak, so that you become a World Class communicator able to Influence and Persuade individuals as well as crowds.

By the end of this training, you'll have a new understanding of communication and you will be able to get people to do what you want them to. 

I hope you're ready and excited and without any further due, let's get stuck into it.

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Tom Papasian



What is Influence and Persuasion?

Well we have established that it is the power to get people to do things that you want them to do. This is the basic definition but you get the picture.

We also know that what drives people to take action is EMOTION. So a World Class Speaker, an effective communicator has the ability to create emotions within people. 

In this training, we are going to show you the 3 areas you Must master in order to create Influence and Persuasion.


We decide to start there for a reason. It is probably the hardest to master and the areas that takes the longest to practice yet many do not perceive how mastering your own voice tone will dramatically change your conversations and your results if you are in business.


You may not have realised it yet but the way you use your body to communicate sometimes has more power than the words you are saying. We are going to show you how to master the way you move when you communicate so that you can Influence on a sub-conscious level.


Finally, you have to pay attention to what you are actually saying. Words have different meaning depending on who you speak to so we'll cover that too.

By the end of this training you'll have a powerful tool at your disposal to get the results that you are after.


This training will give you the ability to get people to do things YOU want them to do. It is non only really powerful but in the wrong hands it could create a lot of damages. This section is to remind you that this program is ONLY to be used when your intention is to help, serve and create a positive difference in people's life.

Influence and Persuasion was not mastered so that YOU can benefit from it. You will reap the results of your skills as a consequence of adding value and helping others.

Now that this is clear, let's get started!

What is YOUR definition of Influence and Persuasion?




Let's have a look at the mechanics because if you want to master anything you need to know how it works first.


It may sound counter intuitive but if you want to use your voice's full capacity it is preferable to breathe through your nose. When you are speaking for an extended period of time, breathing through your mouth will appear more natural because you feel like you're getting more air in.

However, by breathing through your mouth, you are making the vocal cords dry and you will get hoarse quicker, and potentially damage the cords. 

So to breathe properly inhale through your nose into your belly. Feel the diaphragm help fill your lungs and feel it coming in to signal that your lungs are empty.


Practice breathing through your nose.

Inflate your belly, only speak when your belly comes in.

Write down how it feels, what your impressions of this technique are.



It goes up, down or stays the same. This is a vocal cue to inform your audience whether your sentence is finished, if it's their time to speak. 

You have been taught in school that at every coma and every full stop to lower the pitch. Well when you are speaking it's the opposite. Everytime your pitch goes down, you're telling your audience that you are done speaking and in doing so you are letting them off the hook, you are allowing them NOT to pay attention to you and every time you start speaking again you'll have to grab their attention.

Your speech, presentation or else would be hard for your audience to listen to. 

Practice letting your pitch go up or remain on the same note at each coma and each punctuation. This way when you are taking a pause to breathe, your audience will still pay attention to you and they'll be waiting for what you have to say next.


The speed you speak at, has a great influence on the message you are trying to convey. Most sales professionals and speakers act like they are getting paid by the word. 

When you are going too fast, you're not giving time to your audience to process the information you just shared AND you are using your stressing your voice because the outflow of air is not sufficient! 

So take your time, this is what comas are for; take a breath and let the audience process what you just said.


Depending on the emotion you are tying to create, volume will help you to achieve it. You are already well aware of that, think about it how's the volume of your voice when you are angry? What about when you're sad?  This is how we stress upon an emotion, volume is critical and really powerful when you know how to use it well.


Stress your words. If you are reading of a script or speech it is obviously easier to identify which word is the most important and stress it right? But when you are speaking and constructing sentences in your head it can be a little harder.

There are 3 ways you can emphasise a word: 

  •  Volume
  • Pitch
  • Duration


Think of speaking like a song. There is an intro, verses and a chorus. They all sound different, they're not monotone as should your speaking be.

I want you to think of speaking like the greatest songs of them all and melody, variation in the pitch, pace, volume and emphasis will create this effect.


Write down as much as you can as fast as you can about what you have learned in this module.

Go !




The first step to mastering your physiology is to be present. I can already see some of you raise their eyebrows and wondering what I'm talking about.

Well, most people you will speak to throughout the day may be responding to you, some of them will capture your attention but very few will be 100% present. 

It simply means to be there, in the moment not thinking about what you're going to have for lunch, the balance on your bank account or what to say next. 

Presence is the secret ingredient World Class Speaker use to captivate their audiences. Have you ever met or seen someone you were drawn to for no particular reason? This is presence.



Keep it open! You want to be perceived as open to discussion, suggesting an idea rather than imposing it on your audience. 

When you are protecting your vital organs you are sending a sub-conscious message to your audience that you are either closed off or trying to protect yourself and you will be losing their interest and trust. I know it sounds like a big statement for such a little gesture but it's the truth, try it for yourself and see!


When you are speaking to anyone, you use your hands to illustrate the words you are saying. Specially when you are passionate about a topic you'll see your hands move a lot more.

There are 3 mains hand gesture:

  • palms up
  • palms down
  • point

When you talk with your palms up you are suggesting an idea. Palm down indicates a bit more assertiveness and when you point at someone it is an order.


Have you ever met someone who's not particularly funny yet they think they are and the way they tell the story actually makes you laugh? Look at their faces, they suggest the emotion that they want you to feel.

So be mindful of the way you use your face to express an emotion because it will influence probably more than the actual words you are using.


The final principle is fairly self-explanatory the best way to master your physiology is to use it! At first maybe over do it a little, move around the place, use your arms, hands, face in a manner that is congruent with the message you are trying to convey.

Don't be afraid to use your body, it's your most powerful tool to influence.


Give your definition of presence.

Have you paid attention to the way you use the 4 Pillars of Physiology? What can be improved?


Write down as much as you can as fast as you can about what you have learned in this module.

Go !



Here we are, the last thing we need to cover are the words that you are saying.

Words matter less when it comes down to effective communication and there is 1 reason for this statement. You can convey an emotion, explain a concept using multiples combination of words.

Some may use complicated and long sentences, some may be short to the point, it matters little as long as you are comfortable with them and people understand you.



This is the oldest way to pass on knowledge, teachings, experiences. Stories are a great way to get your audience to relate with the character. If I want you to think about your mother all I to do is talk about my mother, I don't need to instruct you to think of her does that make sense?

Stories are very powerful because they can involve anyone into learning something new. The greatest communicators are great story tellers.


The more personal you make a story, the more universal it becomes. The bottom line is we are all humans, we share the same emotions, our lives are different however we experience the same emotions.

So the more you talk about the emotion the character felt, in details, the more your audience can relate to it and the more you'll influence them.


Any great story starts right in the middle of the action. Common belief would be to set up the scene and give context so that the audience understands who the characters are and where but this is the greatest way to NOT get your audience's attention.

Start right in the chase, then you can give context after if you want.


This is a decision you need to make, whether to learn a script, speech, presentation by heart OR if you only have bullet points and improvise a speech as you go.

There are certain instances where I would recommend having the words prepared, specially when the speaking engagement is short. If you want to go to distance, you're probably better off with bullet points ut again it's up to YOU.


Most presidential elections are won because the candidate appeals to the most amount of people, makes sense right? Well the easiest way to do that is to speak their language. 

Some politicians may have greater arguments but if people don't understand them, no point.

So keep it simple, use words EVERYBODY can understand and more importantly use words you are comfortable with..


Nobody wants to be taught in a condescending manner as well as nobody want to be sold to. BUT everybody loves to buy and everybody loves to learn something new. See the difference? 

You don't want to be coming from high grounds pretending that you know it all and that you are here to rescue your audience. They want to know that you are just like them and more importantly that you CARE.


This may sound counter intuitive since this is the World Class Speaker training and not the world class therapist training but the greatest way there is to Influence, Persuade and create emotions within a human being is to ask them a question.

It can be rhetorical or not, it will be answered. Let me give you an example, what did you have for breakfast? 

You obviously can't reply to me yet, and you would agree that this matters little here however when you read the words your brain started to formulate an answer. 

This is the power of Influence, the brain responds before your mouth does and you have already started to create a shift in someone's mind.


Why are words less important than Voice and body?

Can a concept or idea be explained in different terms?


Write down as much as you can as fast as you can about what you have learned in this module.

Go !





Setting yourself up for Success

  • What are the most important resolutions/decisions/actions you are committed to implementing in your business/life in the next 90 days?
  • Write down the 5 biggest "Aha" moment using this program. What made you smile, laughed? What touched your heart? What made you think of your life or business in a new way?
  • Where were you in terms of your thinking about your business when you started the program?
  • How do you feel about your business now, after participating in this TRIUMPHS System?
  • What has the experience of this program meant to you? What did you get from this training and what will you do with it? What are you committed to do as a result of your experience? Why is it a "Must" for you to follow through? 



The training really starts now; make sure you practice and more importantly implement everything that you have learned.

I’m proud of your commitment to Mastery, you are on one of the most amazing journeys we go through in life and that’s turning your passion into profits.

Remember that this is a never ending process, Mastery is the process of constant learning, there is always something to learn somewhere.

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