Training Module Take 1


premium massage products that empower anyone to feel better and move more. 


Why can someone benefit from +addaday products?

Procovery- Proactively recovering allows for the greatest efficiency for training!

Injury- If someone has pain or an existing injury +addaday products can help promote recovery

Feel Better- If someone would like to feel better and move more!

Who can benefit from +addaday massage products?

  • anyone!
  • just a small amount of people
  • hardly anyone

+addaday products & categories

+Category Breakdown

The following categories will help you make quick and accurate product suggestions for your customer.

On the GO!

Home Convenience

Body Weight Massage

On the GO!

On the Go! a category of tools that pairs perfectly with an energetic and fast paced lifestyle.

These tools are compact enough to be right by your side wether you are on the trail or in your office. 

No matter where you are- you can rest assured that these tools can go with you everywhere you go and help you see your next adventure. 

Which product below would be easier to take with you ANYWHERE?

Home Convenience


All of +addaday's products merge the power of precise massage and the independence of being able to use the tools by yourself. 


Body Weight

What are the three categories of +addaday products?

  • Mean foam rollers, Home Convenience & Maximum Pain inflicted
  • On the GO!, Home convenience & Body Weight
  • the stick, $5 massage chairs at the mall & charcoal face masks