Adding a New Customer in Quantum Edge

Prior to reaching out to any new customer, or potential lead, your customer  information must be vetted through the Lead Clearance Process.  This process allows our Clearinghouse department to vet your potential customer against all records in our CRM to ensure that they are not currently working with another account manager for Trinity Logistics.  The Lead Clearance Process starts when you request lead clearance upon entering a new customer in the CRM. 

This course will walk you through the process of adding a new customer in the CRM and requesting lead clearance. 


Adding a New Customer to the CRM

Navigate to CRM

Navigate to the CRM

Hover over Trading Partners menu at the top of the page and choose "CRM" from the drop down menu.

Add New Customer

Add new Customer

Choose the "Add Company" button from the top row of the CRM. 

Input all Required Fields

Input all Required Fields

All required fields are noted with a red asterisk (*).  

Tip: Make sure that the full name and street address are entered to aid in the future lead clearance and credit approval processes. 

Adding/Changing Address

To add the address, choose the pencil in the right hand corner of the Physical Address box.  Input the address in the pop up window.  Choose the city,state as it populates in the search field (proper format is city, state, zip).  If billing address and physical address are the same, choose "Copy to Billing and Save" when complete. If different, choose "save" and then repeat the steps in the Billing Address field. 

Assign Account Manager

Assign Account Manager

All customers in the CRM must have an account manager assigned before requesting lead clearance.  Once you have input all required fields, the "Account Manager" tab will open up in the middle of the CRM record.  Choose your name from the drop down menu and hit the "Add Account Manager" button once chosen.

Quiz Time!

What module of QE will you add a new customer?

  • CRM
  • Customer Portal
  • New Customer Module

Where do you find the CRM?

  • Trading Partners
  • Shipments
  • Finance

Requesting Lead Clearance

Lead/Credit Clearinghouse Tab

Navigate to Lead/Credit Clearinghouse tab

Once you have added yourself as Account still need to request lead clearance before you reach out to the customer. To do this, after you add yourself as an Account Manager, the Lead/Credit Clearinghouse tab of the CRM will open up for use.  Click on that tab. 

Request Lead Clearance

Request Lead Clearance

Choose the "Request Lead Clearance" button. Once you choose this button, it is no longer available. So - if you do not have this button available, check to see if you are already cleared for this customer record. Once you request clearance, a note will also populate in the "Clearance History" column to the right stating that "Lead Clearance Requested" with your name and date.

Lead Clearance Approvals and Denials

Am I approved to call this customer?

Just requesting clearance does not give you the clearance to reach out to the customer for the first time. Once you choose the "Request Lead Clearance" button, your record is sent directly to our Lead Clearance team. They manually vet this to make sure that no other team members at Trinity are working with that customer and will approve or deny your request.  You will get a system generated email letting you know that the request has been approved, or denied. 


Requesting Credit

Requesting Credit

If you have a new customer that you are ready to request a credit review for, or a current customer that needs additional credit, navigate back to the Lead/Credit Clearinghouse tab of the CRM record. 

Request Credit Button

Request Credit Button

Similarly to the "Request Lead Clearance" button, you will choose the "Request Credit" button to start the credit review process. Input the amount of credit needed in the "Requested Credit Amount" box, then click the "Request Credit" button.

Your process then mirrors the lead clearance process - your record will be sent to the Credit team and you will receive an email if the credit is approved, denied, or further information is needed. 

Final Test!

Can I call a customer as soon as I put them in the CRM?

  • No
  • Yes

Can Lead Clearance be requested without the customer information in the CRM?

  • No
  • Yes