Training Course (general knowledge)

After completing this course you will have a general understanding on how to to exercise effectively to reach your fitness objectives.

When you would like to exercise multiple times a week on a consistent basis it is advised to divide your training sessions into specific muscle groups to ensure that you train your entire body equally and efficiently.

In which way should someone train his or her body?

  • It is best to train everything (full-body) during each training session.
  • It is best to divide your muscle groups into different training days.

Generally, it is recommendable to train connected muscle groups together in one training session.

The body consists of large muscle groups (i.e. chest, back, legs) as well as smaller muscle groups such as the biceps, triceps.

When someone trains a large muscle group such as the chest (pectorial muscles), that person will automatically (and indirectly) put pressure on and train a smaller muscle group, which would be the triceps in this case. While the tricep is connected to the pectorial muscles, the biceps have the same type of connection with the back muscles since one would automatically train biceps during back exercises.

Generally speaking, it is more effective and efficient to train these "connected" muscle groups (often consisting of a large, and small muscle group) on the same training day when you exercise frequently (i.e 4-6 days a week).

Assuming that someone trains frequently. How should one divide his or her training sessions?

  • You should train your entire body on the same day because this is most effective.
  • You should train chest together with back.
  • You should combine a large muscle group with a connected smaller muscle group.
  • You should never combine a large muscle group with a smaller muscle group.
  • When training chest, it is wise to also train triceps on the same day because the triceps are automatically used during chest exercises.
  • When training back, it is wise to also train biceps on the same day because these muscle groups are somewhat connected.

Compound exercises.

A clear distinction can be made within the different types of exercises (Compound, and regular). The most important exercises are the "Compound exercises" or "Compound movements." A compound exercise is basically an exercise in which your body is obliged to use multiple (large and small) muscle groups at the same time in order to execute the movement. Compound exercises consist of the following:

- Bench press:  This compound exercise puts its main focus on the chest, while you will also apply strength from your shoulders and triceps during the movement.

- Dead lift: This compound exercise puts its main focus on either the entire back muscles and/or legs (quads, glutes, hamstrings) depending on how you execute the exercise. Besides these major muscle groups your body will automatically use other smaller muscle groups of the body to do this compound exercise correctly (i.e. biceps).

- Overhead Press: This compound exercise is mainly focused on the shoulders, whereas the upper chest and arms will also be affected during the movement.

- Squats: This compound exercise focuses on the lower part of your body (legs). You will use your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps as well as put pressure on the core muscles and back during a correct movement.

Select the picture of the exercise which is NOT a compound movement.

Fill in the blanks (compound exercises).

The main compound exercise for legs is called the .
 is the compound exercise that triggers mainly the pectorial muscles (chest).
In order to train the deltoid muscles (shoulders), the main compound exercise for this is called the . The compound exercise targeting both the legs and back muscles is called the  and depending on the technique that you prefer to execute, you will put more focus on either the back muscles or the leg muscles.

Match the correct sentences.

  • Squats triggers mainly the
  • Overhead press focuses mainly on the
  • Bench press is a great exercise to train your
  • Deadlift is a very effective compound movement for the
    back muscles.

Drag and drop the correct answer into the picture.

  • Pectorial muscle
  • Deltoid muscle
  • Bicep
  • Core

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