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What is Rajivs concern?

Rajeev was invited by one of his clients to finalize  on a business deal he has been working on for the past few days. He had to meet his clients at “Point C” which was a new location that he has never traveled to before and he wanted to be sure that he reaches there in time.

Rajeev decides to hire a cab so he doesn’t have to worry about knowing the route and there is a less of hassle for him. He opens a taxi app and tries to book a cab to get from his current location “Point A”, to where he is headed “Point C”. He enters his destination ‘C’ on the app to see how long it will take him to reach and how much the ride would approximately cost.
The app displays that the will arrive at his destination in the next 20 mins and shows up a pre-estimated fare of INR 167 which he will be charged. The driver comes to pick Rajeev in the next 5 mins, and asks if he knew the directions to the location. The driver seemed to get lost midway and since Rajeev didn’t know the route either, the driver had to stop by the side of the road to ask someone directions.
Finally, Rajeev was able to reach his destination in time but it took him longer than expected. The app had shown him an approx. time of 20 mins, whereas it took him approx. 40 mins to reach. When the trip ended, Rajeev was shown a final fare of INR 430 which was almost double of what he was shown when he booked the ride. He becomes upset with the fare and ends up paying for the ride but reaches out to the customer care team of the taxi company stating:
“I booked a cab which showed INR 167 and at the end of the trip I was charged INR 430, he took a long route and charged INR 430 which was double the fare. I'm not satisfied and I need refund.”