F110 is used to trigger automatic, outgoing payments to vendors and/or customers. This transaction is used to clear open items from invoices that are due for payment, and allows you to generate payment documents and files that are sent to the house banks for payment processing, or sent to payee as payment advice.

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Transaction overview

What is F110?

F110 is a payment program that allows you to make batch outgoing payments to vendors or customers automatically. The procedure is referred to as a payment run. A payment run is typically executed on a periodic basis, such as at every end of the month or after every 15 days.



The payment program accesses information from various sources in the system, including those that are predefined or configured for the company entity (company code). Some of these are:


  • The open items that are due for payment.

  • The payment methods to be used for the vendor or customer, for example, payment by check or bank transfer. The payment method is defined in the vendor/customer master record or in the open item levels.

  • The house bank and the bank account to use. This information is defined by the payment method selected for the vendor/customer.

The payment medium program (or the variants) to use for generating Data Medium Exchange (DME) files, for example, checks for printing and DME files in xml or txt.

Which of the following are prerequisites of F110?

  • Payment method
  • Apple
  • Orange