An introduction to The Omni Group

Introduction training

The Omni Group


Established in 1980, Omni Facilities Management is a leading provider of outsourced services to over 150 hotels across the UK and Singapore. Employing over 4,000 people, Omni provides Housekeeping, Recruitment, Property and Software Services


The Omni Group was Established in...

  • 1970
  • 1975
  • 1980
  • 1985

Who is Riaz Ladha?

Your schedule

Rota and Days Off

  • Your rota is made by your manager at the hotel and is always displayed in the Housekeeping Office
  • Check it every day to be aware of any changes
  • If you have a request for a specific day off, you have to ask for it at least a week ahead



When do you turn in your requests for days off?

  • At least two days before the requested day off
  • At least one week before the requested day off

Your working day

Attendance and Daily Break

  • It is very important to Sign In when you start work and Sign Out when you finish.
  • You have 30 min lunch break each day.
  • You have to Sign In and Sign Out for the keys and personal panic alarms you are given



True or False?

  • You have to sign-in at the beginning of your day
  • You have the right to a 30 minute lunch break
  • At the end of the day you turn in your keys and personal alarm, sign-out and leave

Your looks

Grooming Standards

  • Your hair must always be tidy and, if bellow shoulder length, tied back.
  • Your hands must be clean, nails clipped short and with no bright nail varnish.




Make a correct sentence

•Your hair must always be  and, if bellow shoulder length, .

•Your hands must be , nails  and with  nail varnish.

Your clothing


  • Your uniform must always be clean and tidy. Make sure it is stain free and not wrinkled.

What is a correct uniform?

Your health

Alcohol and Drugs Misuse

  • You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when you report for work or during working time.
  • If you are taking medication or herbal remedies that may affect your work performance, or the safety, of yourself or others, you must inform your manager



If you take medication with the label shown belown, you have to....

  • Be careful
  • Call in sick
  • Ask your pharmacy to see if there are any side effects
  • Notify your manager and not operate any machines until you know the side effects

When you are not feeling well

Calling Sick

  • If you are not able to come to work, you have to call the housekeeping office at least 2 hours before you have to start your shift
  • Unless you have a doctors note, you have to call in every day



Make correct sentences

  • If you are not able to come to work
    you have to call the housekeeping office
  • you have to call the housekeeping office
    at least 2 hours before you have to start your shift
  • If you don't have a doctor's note
    you have to call in every day

When you are feeling better

Return to Work

  • Call before 2PM the day before you want to come back to work



Your return to work after sickness

Return to Work Interview

  • When you come back to work, you will have an interview with your manager to make sure you are well enough to resume your duties


Put the sentences in the right order

  • When you feel better you call the housekeeping office to let them know you can work again
  • During the phone conversation you discuss when you wills start to work again
  • When you return to work you will have a 'return to work' interview

Your time off


  • When you work full time, you are entitled to 28 days of Holiday each year. If you work less hours, your holiday entitlement will be calculated pro rata
  • You have to request for a Holiday at least a month before you want to take it
  • You can not take more then 2weeks of Holiday at one time



True or False

  • You have to request your holiday time at least one month in advance
  • You can take up to four weeks holiday at any time

Your family planning

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave

  • If you are pregnant or have recently given birth you are entitled to Maternity Leave
  • Let your supervisor know as soon as possible and ensure that you provide the MAT B1 form
  • You may be qualified to paternity leave in relation to birth of a child



More information

Employee Handbook

A copy of Employee Handbook is always available in

Housekeeping Office



Health & Safety at work


Press the play button on the presentation, the slides will automatically change every 10 seconds. To go the the next slide you can press the arrow buttons on your key board (arrow to the right next slide, arrow to the left for previous slide)


What reasons does Omni have to manage Health and Safety?

  • Because the law tells us to manage Health and Safety
  • We have moral, legal and financial reasons
  • Because Christoph needs to have a job

Match the sentences

  • Health and Safety laws are regulated by
    the Inspection SZW
  • The Omni Group
    will provide and maintain a safe work environment
  • You
    report dangerous situations