Nshore to Bot

The course is to explain how Nshore is automated to a digitalized application using Bot based on a machine learning algorithm.

What is Nshore?

Nshore is anĀ internal application within Hitachi Consulting to log tickets for the Information Systems help desk.

After logging into the Nshore application, one needs to select 'Help-Desk' and click on 'Add New' to create a new ticket.

How to access Nshore?

Can be accessed using the below URL's :

 1) Internet: https://nswb.hitachiconsulting.net/login    

 2) Intranet: http://nswb/login/

What is the Issue with this?

It is a tedious manual process to raise tickets using Nshore. 

What is a Bot?

Problem Solving

A Classifier Bot using Machine Learning algorithm is chosen with python script which will read problem description stated by end users and categorize to right resolver groups.  

The UI is developed using HTML5.

Bot Definition

A bot is software that is designed to automate the kinds of tasks you would usually do on your own, like making a dinner reservation, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information. The increasingly common form of bots, chatbots, simulate conversation. 

Why Bot?

To Improve human interaction with computer

While the technology to simulate conversation with a computer has been around for decades, bots — or “chatbots” — are an increasingly trendy model for software. They often live inside messaging apps — or are at least designed to look that way — and it should feel like you’re chatting back and forth as you would with a human.

Advantage of Using Bot

As bot technology improves, they will be able to automate all kinds of things; perhaps even something as complex as your taxes.

How to access Classifier Bot?

Classifier Bot can be accessed using the below URLs:

Classifier bot url : http://devsynapse/login.aspx

Test nshore url : http://nshoredevtest/nshoredevtest/Source/General/Navigation.aspx

Once a ticket details are entered ,it automatically displays the categories and after submission, displays the ticket in Nshore.