Vertical 100 - Retailer+

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 100 level verticals


What is the category strategy for a destination?

  • Traffic attraction and generation
  • To be the primary category provider and help define the retailer as the store of choice
  • Improve shopping experience.
  • All of the above

Which one is not the product selection rule for hypermarkets?

  • Go wide, and then go deep.
  • “Go deep” is more important than “Go wide”.
  • To meet the need of one-stop shopping is more important than consumer-oriented.

When a new product had been introduced in retailer, you need to consider? Multiple Choice

  • Compare actual sales vs expectation and find the reasons for any gaps
  • Need to discuss whether the old product should be delisted when the new product is introduced
  • The stability of supply
  • Confirmation of transition to routine product after 60 days
  • All of the above

Indicate whether each statement is true or false

  • Generally, 80% of product will remind stable in hypermarket.
  • General pricing strategy in retailer is a competition-oriented pricing strategy: take competitors’ price as a benchmark.
  • Sponsors provided by vendor can impact the product selling price in retailer.

Indicate whether each question is true or false

  • To choose hero promotion products, priority principle is to choose products which can fit in the promotion theme, to boost promotional atmosphere.
  • In order to guarantee the supply of promotion products, usually the first batch of goods are distributed by sourcing personnel.
  • Product with high stock should be considered conducting promotion.

Match the supplier classification criteria into 3 categories to work out a clear strategy for supplier management.

  • Suppliers have brands or items that dominate the sales in modern trade.
    Suppliers mainly contribute to cash flow, sales rebate and store image.
  • Structure supplementary suppliers.
    Suppliers mainly contribute to profits and store image.
  • The brand/item sales of suppliers would fluctuate with stores’ support dynamics. They are the most sincere.
    Suppliers mainly contribute to sales, margin and aisle fee.

Please point out which one is the back-ground ability of supply chain.

  • Store site selection
  • Finance management ability
  • Store management
  • Channel management

What are the major responsibilities of marketing department in retailer?

  • Shopper study
  • Competitor research
  • DM design and print
  • Membership card marketing & management
  • All of the above