Communication: the MERANAW way

Assalamualaikom!  Welcome to "Communication: THE Meranaw Way!"

This course will introduce and teach you basic Meranaw words and prompts that are useful when you want to communicate to a Meranaw friend.


Introducing ONESELF...

MATCH us UP! Can you translate us? Let us test your basic knowledge of the MERANAW language. Introduce yourself!

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Peace be Upon you.
Saken si NGARAN
I am _________ years old.
Mababaleng ako sa _______________
I live at ADDRESS
________ so edad akun.


Learning how to introduce a friend to another friend...

Which comes first? =)

Salaam. Kataya so ginawae akun a si Amina. Ginawae akun sa iskwelaan.
Si Amina na saya bo mababaleng sa serengan tano. Wata e Aleem Rakim.
Mudas kami ka adun pun a sungan ami. Adun bo a kinuwa akun saya.

Which is right?

Describing a friend or someone you love in Meranaw

Descriptive WORDS

Am I true or Am I False?

Fill me IN!

Asking for Directions in Meranaw

Where to go???

When this is translated "Anda matatago so ospital"? , which sentence is sound correct?

When this is translated "anda ipagokit so walay e Ali"? , which sentence is correct?

Which is the correct English translation of this:  "piko ka sa diwangan na roong ka kailay so iskwelaan iran"

This is it!!!!