Quiz Instructions and guidelines - Read Me First

This section goes over the guidelines you must follow to take this course and pass. 

Instructions for using this program, click the roadrunner to start.


Taking this program

    You begin this course by completing all modules starting with the number one and and ending with the last.  Each section contains material you learned in boot camp. 

     If you take a test and fail, you must come back to this point and review the video, and then continue forward. If you prefer to review the videos, you can do so at any time. Once you have created a log in you can pause this training and continue where you left off.  

     This system tracks your movements so please follow these guidelines. The important item to remember is we want you to know every aspect of the training we provide here at FastBucks. 

If you have any questions or see any issue with any of the material or the tests, please email Craig at [email protected]  List the test/material and what you saw wrong. 

We hope you enjoy the program.   

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