Basic Clerical Skills Exercise E

This course will be about how to rewrite names in the order that it would go in a filing cabinet

Marital Status and gender

Titles and Degrees

Courtesy titles such as Miss, Mr., Mrs., and Ms. are not considered for filing purposes unless it is necessary to distinguish male from female or marital status in identical names.



Miss Terry Spears 

Mr. Terry Spears 

Mrs. Terry Spears 

Ms. Terry Spears

Filed as:

Spears, Terry (Miss)

Spears, Terry (Mr.)

Spears, Terry (Mrs.) 

Spears, Terry (Ms.)

Marital Status and Gender

  • 1
    Likens, Terry (Miss)
  • 2
    Likens, Terry (Mr.)
  • 3
    Likens, Terry (Mrs.)
  • 4
    Likens, Terry (Ms.)

Combination Skills


Personal or professional titles or degrees are not usually considered in filing unless the title is required for identification, as in the case of Queen Elizabeth. When a name with a title is written in index form, the title is usually abbreviated and placed in parenthesis at the end of the name.


Reverend Ernest A. Graley

Captain Susan Reedy 

Queen Elizabeth

Filed As:

Graley, Ernest A. (Rev.)

Reedy, Susan (Capt.)

Queen Elizabeth


Appendages such as seniority titles (Jr., Sr., III, IV) and professional degrees (M.D., PhD., C.P.A.) are considered identifying, not filing , units and are placed in parenthesis after the names. If the names are identical, the identifying units ARE considered and are filed in abbreviated form. Numerical units are filed in numerical sequence after other identifying units.


James Davis

James Davis, Jr.

James Davis, M.D.

James Davis, III

James Davis, IV

Filed As:

Davis, James 

Davis, James (Jr.)

Davis, James (M.D.)

Davis, James (III)

Davis, James (IV)

Combination Skills

  • 6
    Maureen VanDell
  • 2
    Captain Kevin Adams
  • 3
    John Perkins, M.D.
  • 1
    Stewart Accles
  • 4
    Anthony Perkinson, Jr.
  • 5
    Princess Stephanie