Compliance: quiz it! (English version)

Guiding priciples: are you up to date?!

Author: Kim Jaspers

Guiding Principles (English version)

Which guiding principle doesn't belong to T-Mobile and DT Group?

  • I am T - Count on me
  • Respect and Integrity guide our behavior
  • Team together - team apart
  • Customer delight drives our action
  • No guts, no glory
  • Best place to perform and grow

To whom does the T-Mobile Code of Conduct apply?

  • Only for employees with a permanent position.
  • For all people who work for T-Mobile.

Secondary employment relates to all activities in which your expertise or labor is available for third parties (not being T-Mobile), paid or not.

  • Do you think this statement about secondary employment is correct?

You notice something that is really not OK, a violation of our Code of Conduct. What do you do? At T-Mobile you have several ways to express your concerns.

  • You discuss your concerns with your manager.
  • You discuss your concerns with the reporting coordinator / compliance department.
  • You report it via the Tell me! Portal.
Drag the options in the order of how you would consider these.

Business relations and events, granting and accepting of invitations: who is subject to our rules to prevent corruption and conflicts of interest?

Click on the image who must take the rules for invitations into account.

Sensitive information: match the appropriate data classification to the information below. The information is about a new proposition that will be launched in a few weeks.

  • Current, running campaign.
  • Campagne material (posters, commercial) of a new, to be launched proposition.
  • Personal data (like name and e-mail) of a group of clients that will be addressed by mail for a new proposition.
  • Price list of a new to be launched proposition.
    Strictly confidential