Three Types of Conflict

This course is about the three different types on conflict in the workplace. 

Online Learning Module

Learning Objective

Learners will be able to describe the three types of conflict. 

This will help the learner identify conflict as it arises in the organization. 

The learner can check their assessment at the end through a knowledge check. 

Conflict in the Workplace

There is often conflict in the workplace that affects employees and their work. 

Conflict can sometimes develop creativity but can sometimes lower productivity. 

Being able to identify the three conflicts may help you deal with it. 

"Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional." - Max Lucado


Think about a time when you had a conflict at work or school.

Your conflict will usually fall under one of the types of conflict in the next slide. 

The Three Types of Conflict

The 3 types of conflict in the workplace are: 

Task Conflict

Relationship Conflict 

Process Conflict 

Task Conflict

Conflict due to the content and goals of the work.

Ex. Joe and John are work at a newspaper company. Joe does not think they need to proofread their work. John says they need to. 

This is a task conflict between Joe and John.

Relationship Conflict

Conflict due to interpersonal relationships. 

Ex. Joe is getting annoyed at John's negative personality and they often get in to fights about it. 

This is a relationship conflict between Joe and John.  

Process Conflict

Conflict due to how the work gets done.

Ex. Joe creates his newspaper articles part by part while John insists Joe should do it all at once. 

This is a process conflict between Joe and John. 

Understanding Check

These next four questions can help check your understanding. 

Joe and John think they should print their articles on different days. What type of conflict is this?

  • Task Conflict
  • Relationship Conflict
  • Process Conflict

John thinks Joe is too enthusiastic and is getting angry at him for it.

  • This is a process conflict.

John thinks they should include an article about puppies. Joe does not think they need it in the newspaper.

  • Task Conflict
  • Process Conflict
  • Relationship Conflict

Explain if your conflict was under one of these conflicts.

Congratulations! You're Done!

You should be able to understand the three different types of conflict at the workplace. 

Thank you for using my e-Learning module. 


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