Basic Circulation Policy Quiz

IMPORTANT: Please read this information before you proceed. All questions within this questionnaire must be answered. Make sure you provide your staff number in the relevant field. You are required to complete this questionnaire on your own, not with the help of a colleague. Do not discuss the questions or answers of this questionnaire with anyone except the Chief Librarian. If you have any questions, email the Chief Librarian.


1. How many items in total are registered Monash Health staff allowed to borrow from the Monash Health Library service?

  • a. 10 books only
  • b. As many as they like
  • c. Total of 10 items regardless of format

2. Registered Monash Health borrowers cannot borrow when:

  • a. Bill Outstanding amount is $5.00
  • b. Bill Outstanding amount is over $5.00
  • c. Bill Outstanding amount is $2.00

3. Waiving fines is permitted if:

  • a. The person seems nice and is a first time offender
  • b. The person has a good story
  • c. Evidence is provided to substantiate reason for returning items late
  • d. The person is angry and insists on fines being waived so you feel intimidated

4. Total number of times Loans may be renewed is:

  • a. 10 instances
  • b. 2 instances (not including the initial loan)
  • c. Depends on the person you’re helping and whether they’re important
  • d. As many as the system allows

5. The Borrower loses a book he/she left it in the Nursing Tea Room and someone has taken it. The system is accruing fines as the item is late. Correct procedure is:

  • a. Be sympathetic and waive the fines as a good will gesture because it is not the Borrower’s fault
  • b. Checkin the item and only charge the accrued fines amount and add a note to the borrower’s record
  • c. Assign the Claimed Lost status for the lost item and add any relevant notes. Borrower has to buy a replacement copy (a second-hand copy in good condition is acceptable).
  • d. Let the Borrower continue to borrow regardless.

6. A Borrower comes to you and asks if you can check against previous loans data to find out the name of a really good book he/she previously borrowed a month ago as he/she wants to borrow it again. You:

  • a. Tell the borrower this will take too much time and perhaps he/she should check his/her online borrower record in WorldCat instead
  • b. You check the History portion of the Borrower record and show the Borrow their transaction history on the screen to see if the Borrower can locate it on screen and provide further details (e.g. call number and Library location) so the Borrower can find it on the shelf to borrow again
  • c. Tell the Borrower title information of borrowed items is not possible to view by either Library staff or Borrowers
  • d. Tell the Borrower the system only stores transaction history for the past week (7 days) only

7. You have just placed a hold for a Borrower who wants to know how he/she will know when it arrives and is awaiting pickup. You tell the Borrower:

  • a. To check their WorldCat Account regularly to see if the status has changed to Awaiting Collection
  • b. Come to the Library and ask Library staff to check the status as this is only something Library Staff can assist with
  • c. Explain that an email will be sent automatically to the Borrower informing him/her the item is awaiting collection. Optionally, the Borrower can check his/her WorldCat Account OR also ask the Library staff to check his/her record to see if the item is on the hold shelf. Let the Borrower decide which option is suitable for him/her.
  • d. Don’t ask Library staff about this as we prefer not to be bothered with these sorts of questions

8. Borrower prefers to renew loans online in WorldCat and has forgotten his/her password. Your response is:

  • a. We can’t access password information to borrowers’ WorldCat Accounts so he/she will have to come in and ask Library staff to renew loans in future
  • b. We can reset the User password (under Profile / Identity management) of the Borrower record but we prefer the Borrower accesses the online Set/Reset Password option instead
  • c. Offer to force a reset of the Borrower’s WorldCat account password and if the Borrower is at the Desk show them how he/she can do this himself/herself on screen to access the online Set/Reset Password option

9. Borrower has overdue fines for items that he/she is adamant he/she renewed online using his/her online WorldCat Account. You should:

  • a. Tell the Borrower the system can’t be wrong and that he/she must be mistaken
  • b. Insist the Borrower pay the fine and not investigate any further
  • c. As this is a complicated query, pass the query on without attempting to do anything yourself
  • d. Ask the Borrower when the renewal took place, then access the transaction history for the item to see if the Borrower was able to renew it successfully or not around the date mentioned by the Borrower. The information regarding this transaction will indicate if it was initiated by the Borrower or not with a date/time stamp which will help you identify what took place and communicate this to the Borrower

10. A student comes to the desk desperately needing an item. The item is on loan and the student wants to know who has the item out, saying it is probably one of his/her friends so it should be ok for you to provide this information. You respond by:

  • a. Telling the student who has the item on loan as you know they are friends
  • b. You move the monitor at the Desk towards the student so that he/she can see the name without you needing to say it out loud, in case someone else hears
  • c. Decline to provide the information and mention this is against Library policy
  • d. Mention this is prohibited under the Privacy Act that Libraries are bound by and offer to place a hold on the item for the Borrower