New Relic Product FY18 Strategy

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The FY17 Product Strategy outlined a clear call to action to close and create gaps in Enterprise Ops and to optimize/support our core APM business. Over the past year we made huge progress toward these goals. Critical improvements to our alerting capabilities, dashboards, service maps, APM agent extensibility as well as a new cloud-friendly pricing model have significantly expanded our appeal. We deepened our customer experience monitoring capabilities with Mobile Crash Analysis and Single-Page App monitoring for Browser. In addition to those achievements, we completed our transformation to a true†full-stack monitoring company by launching Infrastructure at FutureStack 2016.

The hard work we did last year is paying off. Enterprise companies around the globe are falling in love with New Relic. They have big dollars to spend and will be the growth engine on our path to $1 billion in revenue. For FY18 we will continue to make product investments that support ourEnterprise efforts. We will continue the theme from last year of Enterprise Love.

However, a bigger and more strategic theme for the year is a focus on Winning in the Cloud .The Cloud is the single most important trend in the creation and deployment of modern software. Companies of all sizes are adopting the Cloud, and even the largest Enterprises are on board.

Why is the Cloud a thing? Companies recognize that high-quality digital customer experiences are more critical than ever to their success. This translates into enormous pressure on development and operations teams to rapidly build and operate high-quality software. If you want to move fast, the Cloud will be the obvious choice, both for the application building blocks offered as well as easy access to virtual infrastructure.

The Cloud has also changed how software teams think and work. One important example of this is the DevOps movement. DevOps is the merging of software development and infrastructure operations. It is the modern way in which Ops and Dev work together. New software architectures have evolved as well, such as containers and microservices. While applications built on the modern stack are more scalable, resilient, pliable, performant, and cost-effective,they are also significantly more complex. Our customers need us now, more than ever, to help them make sense of these increasingly dynamic systems.

New Relic is uniquely positioned to be the dominant monitoring vendor for the Cloud. Our modern full-stack solution monitors everything from synthetic performance all the way down toFor Internal Use Only -- Do Not Distribute | 2the infrastructure, providing DevOps teams with a complete view of the digital experience. The fact that we’re pure multi-tenant SaaS makes us the obvious choice when it comes to monitoring applications and infrastructure developed and hosted in AWS, Azure and Google.We can scale dynamically to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. We collect a vast quantity of data in real time, enabling us to be a leader in the emergent field of predictive analytics.

Again, to net our our two major themes for the year:

  • Be The Platform for Cloud Monitoring: We need to ensure that New Relic is the obvious choice when it comes to monitoring applications and infrastructure in the cloud.Additionally, to align with the tenets of DevOps culture and practices, our platform must be consistent, transparent, flexible, automatable, extensible, and open. We will develop integrations for major cloud platforms, build experiences that interconnect our products,and give DevOps users more configuration and control over things like alerts,dashboards, data retention, and service maps.
  • Enterprise Love: We will continue to support our SMB customers, but we recognize that the needs of the Enterprise require further platform investment. We will build the capabilities needed to scale to the needs of the Enterprise, including improvements toRBAC, cross-account reporting and visualization, and richer demo environments.

This document will illustrate our opportunity, as well as discuss where we need to focus over the next 12-24 months in order to realize it.

What is the primary theme for product strategy in FY18?

  • Integrated Platform
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Enterprise Love
  • Winning in the Cloud
  • Crush AppD

Hosting applications in the cloud has simplified how teams manage and monitor applications?

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