This course will review the basic information you need to get started at ELFE childcare. 

Probationary Period

Please be aware that all employment at ELFE begins with a two-week probationary period.  Two weeks after your official start date you will meet with the director and determine whether the position is a good fit for you.

Our Philosophy

Please take a moment to review our philosophy. Everything we do here is guided by prioritizing these six things.

Job Responsibilities

Basic Job Responsibilities

Depending on your position you will be given a schedule that describes what room you should be in and when.  In each classroom, please refer to the "job responsibilities" schedule to know exactly what you should be doing at all times.   Your most basic responsibilities are:

  • Be aware of the number of students in your classroom or area at all times and monitor their whereabouts and safety.   
  • Interact with children in a calm respectful way that supports relationships.  
  • Interact with parents in a calm respectful way that supports relationships. 
  • Working as a team with your coworkers to keep the classroom running smoothly and keep the facility neat and clean.  


There is a detailed cleaning checklist that describes what needs to be done on a daily and weekly basis posted in each classroom.  Always check the list and see where you can work ahead if you have extra time(i.e. kids are napping or you are way above ratio outside.  Employees who are closing are responsible for checking that the list is complete and finishing anything that wasn't done throughout the day.   HOWEVER, everyone should chip in to accomplish as much as possible throughout the day.  The cleaning checklist and procedures can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6tHAQ1c9bbTQjg3Q1p6Z3lUR2s/view?usp=sharing       or in the files section in Basecamp.  Please be aware that cleanliness is an important factor both in facilitating a high quality and safe environment for children and for the success of our business.  If you see something messy, dirty, or cluttered please help out and clean it up whether or not it is on your cleaning list. 

Facilitating Play

"Choice time” (also called child-initiated activities, free choice, self-selection) is incorporated into the daily schedule. This is not a “break time” for teachers or kids but should be seen as the most critical time to capitalize on learning opportunities.  Teachers should view this as their busiest, most important time of the day.  Teachers are expected to actively participate with the children during free play activities by; asking questions about what the children are doing, participating in their pretend play, reading books when prompted, encouraging children to try new activities or play with a new toy,  observing chidren’s play to assess skills or look for ways to connect with the child, and assisting the children in problem solving any conflicts that arise.   If the majority of your interactions during this time involve giving directions or repeating rules, you are doing something wrong. 


Policies and Procedures

Important safety things to know

  • Know how many children are in checked into your classroom at all times, count as you survey the room or play area. 
  • Each classroom has a red backpack that travels everywhere with the class.  It is generally the job of the assistant to grab the red backpack and the ipad/device for the classroom as you transition outside.  This backpack holds a first-aid kit and all the emergency contact information.
  • Approved people to pick up children are listed in tadpoles and on the emergency cards kept in the red backpacks.  Don't hesitate to i.d. someone you don't recognize and double check whether they are approved. 
  • The front door is to be kept locked at all times.  Please make sure it closes all the way as you enter and exit the building. 

Employee information


Payday is every other Friday, the first and the third week of the month. 


What to do if you.....

  • Need time off for an appointment or trip 
    • Ping Branwen in basecamp as soon as possible 
  • Are going to be sick,late, etc 
    • text or call Branwen at 440-6687.  FOLLOW UP WITH A CALL if you do not receive a text back within ten minutes.   Don't hesitate to call late at night, more notice is better so late at night is better than the morning! 

Guidance Policy

The cornerstone of our guidance policy is program wide implementation of positive behavior supports.  You will complete a separate training on this matter that explains more about what that means.  The bottom line is that your interactions with children should focus on what you want them to do rather than what you don't want them to do.  



please bring all corrections and directions to children back to these central rules.  For instance if a student is running instead of saying "don't run" say "walking feet", then you can follow up by saying "thank you for walking, using our walking feet is one way we can BE SAFE in the classroom".  

  • We take a functional approach to behavior, which means that we believe that behavior serves a purpose.  Our response to inappropriate behavior depends on what that purpose is.  Please don't issue any punishments or consequences on the fly, as these will be used only with a specific plan in place for a particular child.  In general, the best way to respond to inappropriate behavior is to
  • make sure everyone is safe
  • respond as little as possible.   
  • Tell the child what they should be doing or give them a choice of two appropriate options.   







Feeding and Eating Policy

The document below guides our feeding and eating policies.  Bottom line is we do not coerce or pressure children to eat certain foods. Our job is to provide healthy food and they get to decide how much or if they eat it. 




Using Tadpoles

We clock in and out, check the students in and out, and record relevant information using an app called tadpoles.  The document linked below covers very specific guidelines related to what information should be recorded.  You may want to take some time to poke around in the app and then come back to it later.  Generally, lead teachers are responsible for recording curriculum and lesson plan information and assistants collect photos, check kids in and out, and record diaper and nap information. 



Using Basecamp

Our organization uses an app called Basecamp to communicate.   Basecamp features several sections: 

  • Campfire;  anyone can post ideas, questions, kudos, etc here.
  • Message board;  here you will find information about incoming students, occasional weekly assignments, and important reminders
  • Ping; direct message the director or another staff to share something or ask for something
  • To dos: List when we run out of something or there is something you need for the children or for an activity, or if there is some sort of building maintenance issue. 
  • Calendar: Lists when new kids are starting or other pertinent dates for the company. 

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation drills are to be completed once per month.  Staff grab the backpack and walk with the children to the south side of the parking lot.  Conduct a head count and wait for instructions from the director.  Detailed emergency procedures are located in a binder in each classroom. 


Basic procedures

If you need to call in sick you should text and/or call Branwen's cell phone.  If you don't receive a text back you should  

If you need time off for an appointment or trip to Tahiti you should 


Match the correction to the positive direction that teaches the child what TO do.

  • Don't run
    Walking feet. That's being safe.
  • Don't hit
    Gentle hands. That's being kind
  • Too loud!
    Inside voice please. That's being kind so our friends can work/play etc.

Select the things you should be doing during open play times

  • taking an extra break
  • Reading to a small group of children
  • Helping a child with something they are working on while keeping an eye on the other children around you
  • Circulating the room and talking to children about what they are doing right
  • Circulating the room and telling children not to do things
  • Helping one child with your back to all the other children
  • Helping a child who is wandering find something to engage in
  • chatting with another staff about your weekend

Select the things you can do during nap time

  • Checking Basecamp
  • Working on prep work from the teacher
  • Thinking of new activities that go with the current theme
  • Cleaning the classroom quietly
  • Sleeping
  • Entering the naptimes or toileting info in tadpoles

Johnny looks very frustrated and just threw a block across the room your response is to..

1. Ensure safety  by 

2. Respond 

3.  Tell the student