Questions and Objections:

What is a REIT?

A REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust that enables individual investors to own a

diversified portfolio of real estate assets. A REIT acquires properties, collects rents,

and distributes at least 90% of the taxable income to shareholders as a dividend.

For whom are REITs an appropriate investment?

Investors who want to 1) generate cash flow 2) have the potential for longer term

capital appreciation and 3) diversify their investment portfolio, will find REITs an

attractive supplement to their investment strategy. You should carefully review the

offering documents, including the prospectus, prior to making an investment.

What is a Prospectus?

A prospectus is a legal document that discusses the investment program for which

money is solicited. A prospectus typically includes sections that describe how the

solicited money is to be invested, the investment’s business plan, risks associated

with the investment, the background and track record of the sponsors, the legal

rights and responsibilities of the investors, and more. Before investing you should

carefully review the prospectus for a full discussion of our offering.

What is the Rich Uncles NNN REIT?

Rich Uncles NNN REIT was deemed effective by the SEC in 2016. We expect to

primarily invest in single-tenant income-producing corporate properties, which are

leased to creditworthy tenants under long-term net leases.

What are the goals of the Rich Uncles NNN REIT?

Our goal is to generate relatively predictable current cash distributions to investors

coupled with the potential for long-term capital appreciation in the value of our


Who runs the REIT?

We encourage you to review the section on our website entitled “Meet the Uncles.”

Ray, Harold, and Howard are key reasons we work here at Rich Uncles. Ray Wirta’s

passion is that everyone, not just the rich and famous, should have the opportunity

to invest in commercial real estate. As Chairman of the Board of CBRE, Ray

oversees the largest real estate services and investment firm in the world.

Meet the Uncles Link

Who are the founders of the REIT?

Rich Uncles was founded by Ray Wirta and Harold Hofer for a single purpose – to

make real estate investment easier and less expensive for the small investor. Learn

more about the Rich Uncles by clicking here.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at 3080 Bristol Street, Suite 550, Costa Mesa, California,

92626. Our telephone number is (885) 742-4862, and our website address is


What does it mean to me the investor that you do not pay commissions or brokerage fees?

We sell shares directly to investors and not through broker-dealers and investment

advisors who are paid commissions and fees (typically 10%). Since we do not pay

commissions and fees, we invest a significantly higher percentage of the proceeds

generated from the sale of our shares into properties.

Why is the Rich Uncles NNN REIT different?

Rich Uncles was created to make real estate investment easier, more transparent,

and less expensive for all investors. Rich Uncles developed its on-line platform to

offer REIT investments that exclude payment of commissions to broker-dealers and

investment advisors.

What is the track record of Rich Uncles?

In 2007, Rich Uncles created the Firewheel REIT in Dallas, Texas. Due to our focus

on acquiring properties with creditworthy tenants and long-term leases, we paid

dividends consistently through the great recession. In 2012, the Rich Uncles

California REIT was started at $25 Million. Due to high demand, shareholders

approved increasing the REIT limit to $100 Million and this REIT is currently paying

7.5% annual dividends.

Historically Rich Uncles paid over 6.5% dividends, how did they do it?

In our prior REITs, we purchased properties whose contractual rental incomes

averaged around 7% of the purchase price. We then placed mortgage financing on

these properties with interest rates that averaged less than 4%. The resultant net

cash flow relative to our equity investment allowed us to pay REIT expenses and

annual shareholder distributions in excess of 6.5%.


What is a REIT?

  • Stock Options
  • Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Qualified Account
  • Non Qualified Account.

Who is typically approved to invest in the REIT?

  • Anyone Ages 18-59 1/2
  • Income below 70,000
  • Income and assets over $75k
  • Minimum investment of $300

What is a NNN?

  • We pay all Taxes, Insurance and Maintenance
  • Single tenant buildings with credit worthy tenants
  • Tenant pays Taxes, Insurance and Maintenance
  • Commercial Real Estate

Who runs Rich Uncles?

  • Board of Directors
  • Chairman of the board of the Irvine Company
  • The Investor's
  • Ray, Harold and Howard

Who do we typically sell shares to?

  • Brokers and Dealers
  • Acquisitions team
  • Retirement Services
  • None of the above

What is a Prospectus?

  • Legal business plan
  • Background check on the Company
  • Full disclosure of the offering
  • How your money is spent?

Why is our REIT different?

  • Less expensive for the investor
  • Publicly traded
  • We pay all taxes
  • We are National

What are the goals of the Rich Uncles NNN REIT?

  • To make everyone Rich
  • To distribute relatively predictable dividends to investors
  • To take over the market
  • Also create Rich Aunties

What is our track record?

  • We have sold over a million in assets
  • Our CA. REIT started at $50 Million in assets
  • We consistently paid dividends through the great recession.
  • We started our CA. REIT in 2007.

Our Official Office location is

  • 3090 S. Bristol St Ste 550 Costa Mesa, CA 62626
  • 3080 S. Bristol Ste 550 Costa Mesa, CA. 92626
  • 3080 S. Bristol St. Ste 550 Newport Beach, CA 92626
  • 3090 S. Bristol St. Ste 550 Newport Beach, CA 92626