Exclusive Event Training

The reason and purpose of exclusive event training in our personal and business lives

What is event management

  • Planning
  • Planning and organizing an event
  • Organizing
  • Enjoying the event

Purpose of Event Training

According to Wikipedia the purpose of  an event is the following;

  • The purpose is the ability to detect events, investigate and determine the correct control action.
  • The events ( Warnings and exceptions)can be used to automate many routine activities
  • Events provide mechanisms for early detection of incidents

And according to www.Schooldude.com event management is defined as the process of managing projects such as conventions, meetings, fundraisers and parties. It includes renting the event space, arranging the required equipment – tables, chairs, stage, musical equipment and managing risk.

So Exclusive event training will define the purpose as training our clients in businesses how to plan an event, how to be systematic in approach, how to breakdown a huge event into manageable chunks in order achieve a desired goal. They is a lot involved because if you do not plan, you plan to fail.


  • Event Training helps to organize us
  • Helps in our planning
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Helps the Event organize to draw the whole event on paper and come up with actionable items.
  • Arrange space, time, cost
  • It helps us to arrange our stakeholders in terms of time slots and the action they will be handling.
  • Responsibilities and accountability are well planned and the relevant people informed.
  • Budgeting is involved
  • Objectives and purpose of the event are laid out clearly
  • End results are also laid down and this will help compare the expected results and the actual.

What are losses you are likely to encounter with no event training in the organization?

  • Losses are huge in that when nothing is planned the chances are high for the event to fail.
  • Forecasting is impossible with no event management skill
  • Confusion is likely
  • They will be no responsibilities and accountability
  • The amount involved to make the event a success will not be known and this may result in under budgeting or over budgeting.