Hygiene Solutions - Licensed Decontamination Operative (Deprox HPV)

The Licensed Decontamination Operative course is intended for staff employed in the health and social care sector, whose role includes the operation of decontamination systems in the facilities in a non-supervisory capacity.

The course concentrates on operating the Hygiene Solutions, Deprox (HPV) decontamination system on a single site as part of a supervised team. We have a separate course for operators of the Hygiene Solutions, Ultra-V decontamination system.

The Licensed Decontamination Operative course is suitable for new staff operating decontamination systems for the first time or to build on existing operator experience. Experienced decontamination services staff will benefit from the course also by widening their underpinning skills and knowledge.

When you are ready to begin, click the "start course" button above.  When you have competed the course a "submit results" button will appear and you need to click this to submit your results to Hygiene Solutions.

Section 1: Learner Details

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Section 3: What is the Deprox system?

What are the three major components of the Deprox System?

What do each of the major components of the Deprox System do?

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
The Main Vapour Generating Unit
is place inside the room and calculates the volume of vapour required to treat it without making it damp.
The Process Monitor
is placed outside the room and informs you what stage the process is at.
The Process Analyser
is placed inside the sealed room and carries out the decontamination process.

Which of the following Deprox System components is placed outside of the sealed room?

What chemical does the Deprox system use?

How do you store the Deproxin Chemical?

Deproxin is classified as a a chemical which is an irritant and corrosive. Which symbol below is the symbol for irritant?

Which diagram represents the droplet size of the Hydrogen Peroxide vapour produced by the Deprox system?

  • Traditional 'fogging'
  • Deprox System

What has this operator done to prepare a room for decontamination?

  • Mattress turn on its side
  • Floors and surfaces dry
  • Cupboards and draws open
  • Paper towels removed from dispensers
  • Bathroom door held open

Emergency!! Place the marker on the Deprox System Emergency Stop Button!

What are the benefits of the Deprox system?