Coaching: Easy as 1-2-3 !

Coaching - in 3 easy steps! A quick overview, to enable you to be a brilliant coach and ensure you conduct a well-planned session, that is well documented - and leads to great results!

This module will take you about 10-15 minutes, including a short video. Have fun!


3 easy steps

1. Plan & Prepare

Plan & Prepare - for EVERY coaching session

Step 1 - True or False?

  • Planning for great coaching sessions includes planning in advance, and assigning a space with privacy and without any distractions
  • As I prepare for a coaching session, only the hard facts need to be gathered

2. Coach - the G.R.O.W. model

Coaching using the G.R.O.W. model



G.R.O.W. stands for 

G =   

R =  

O =   

W =  

GROW questions - which questions shall be used?

  • "Open questions", which encourage conversation (what, why, how, when)
  • "Closed questions", which could block conversations (Can you, Did you, shall, should, is it true...)

3. Document

Using the coaching log ...

... to guide your coaching sessions

When conducting / documenting a coaching session...

  • I shall use the coaching log @
  • To be most efficient, I can keep my entries short and skip certain sections
  • For the coachees' benefit and for review of the session, diligently filling the coaching log is imperative
  • In order to make my coaching session faster, I can fill the entire coaching log in advance and simply talk the coachee through
  • When discussing sections about Goals, Reality, Opportunities and Way-forward, I shall first and foremost ask open questions to my coachee and listen to his/her thoughts, ideas and explanations
  • I might have my own ideas what the coachee must do, but only if we come to a joint agreement and the coachee is ready to give his/her full commitment, can I expect the coaching session to get the desired result


You are done!

We trust this was a helpful run-through of some of the main aspects on coaching @ TD.

Thanks for taking time for this, and all the best with your coachees going forward.

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All the best!

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