AAR Standards

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Deck Height Difference

Check to ensure deck height differences do not exceed 4". For deck height differences between 3” and 4”, confirm a spotter is used to ensure the vehicles can be safely unloaded for each vehicle type.  Measurements are taken from multi-level deck (A, B or C) to top of rail.  Repeat on adjacent multi-level.  Difference in measurements equals variance.

Verify that 24 end doors are fully opened. On Radial doors ensure that lower locking pins are in door lock retainer. On RAVE doors ensure that door lock assemblies are fully engaged.

When 53" plates are used, the measurement is 38" to 46".  When 56" plates are used, the measurement is 41" to 49".  If the 53" and 56" plates are available, the measurement is 38" to 49".  The measurement is taken from the back of the bridge plate support (barrel ring) of one car to the center of the innermost lower locking pin hole for Radial doors and to the bottom door track for panel type enclosures. Note: Only junctions that vehicles will be driven through are to be counted.   For loading docks, permanent ramps and traverse ramps, which do not have extendable plates, the measurement from the ramp/dock to the multi-level will be included as a junction

Is hand brake set on all multi-levels spotted?

Handbrakes are to be set on all multi-levels before personnel begin climbing on them, plating them, entering them or driving through them (with the exception of end door opening).  If the hand brake is slack (appears not fully set) check to see if piston hollow rod is extended indicating a brake application (see figure 1). If so there is no exception. If not proceed to verify no more than 2 full cranks of the brake handle can be obtained with moderate pressure, the brake is not fully set.

Are multi-levels placed properly for unloading according to the green seal placement?

Inspect multi-levels (prior to end door opening and seal removal) to insure they are spotted properly according to green seal application so that vehicles may be driven off in the forward direction. The green seals indicate the end of the multi-level where vehicle headlights are pointing. Note: this question will be scored after the track has been flagged.

Is track protection in place for all railcars prior to beginning work on the cars?

Track protection (flags, or derail) should be in place on all tracks where cars are being worked for the duration of the work.

A spotter is needed when there is a deck height difference of how many inches?

  • 1"-2"
  • 2"-3"
  • 3"-4"
  • 4"-5"

When a 53" bridge plate is being used at a junction what the required measurements to

  • 35"-43"
  • 38"-46"
  • 41"-49"
  • 43"-51"


On multi-levels with end doors, are end doors opened and properly stored

Verify that 24 end doors are fully opened.  On Radial doors ensure that lower locking pins are in door lock retainer.  On RAVE doors ensure that door lock assemblies are fully engaged.


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