Sharing Be Here Now Experiences and Best Practices

Learn and share about Be Here Now...

Click here to learn about what Be Here Now is, to practice getting better at it and to share your experiences!

What is Be Here Now? ... a  2 min. audio story

Be Here Now


Learn a simple process to help you Be Here Now - a 3 min video


Practice Being Here Now with someone for at least 15 minutes sometime in the next couple of days. Please comeback and rate yourself on a scale of (1-10) including what happened during the practice.

How does it feel to be with someone who is Being Here Now? a 1.5 min. video


What do you do when you are distracted and want to Be Here Now?

When you are distracted - what do you do to Be Here Now?

What can you do if you are distracted about something and are having a hard time Being Here Now?

  • Stop whatever you are doing and take a few deep breaths?
  • Do a pattern interrupt... take a short break from whatever you are doing and do something different like... go on a short walk, call someone on the phone, listen to a song you enjoy etc.,
  • Multi-task - try thinking about whats distracting you while you have your important conversation.